15 Signs Your Partner is Unhappy Secretly That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


In order to avoid fights with your man, you may want to look out for the signs your partner is unhappy. Each individual is different, and expresses himself different in ways. Knowing the particular intricacies of your partner may help improve your relationship overall. Feel free to take the time to read these helpful tips on how to notice signs your partner is unhappy. You and your partner won’t regret it in the long run!

1. He is Often Distracted

When your man seems to be busy with trivial things instead of spending time with you, it may be one of the few signs your partner is unhappy. Sometimes when men are unhappy, they will look toward distractions in order to avoid talking about their problems. They watch more television, play more video games, and don’t always listen to you when you’re talking to them. Of course, women are the opposite, and love to talk about their problems. Therefore, it is important that you always remember that men are different creatures, and sometimes you need to put yourself in their shoes in order to understand their thought process. Question their actions before you assume things. At least from now on, you know that his recent state of distraction can mean that he is secretly unhappy.

He Calls Less Often


Another sign of unhappiness in a relationship is that they will stop taking very good care of themselves. They don't pay as much attention to their personal hygiene or fixing themselves up for you. It...
What would you do if you overheard your boyfriend of two years say to his friend on the phone that just invited us both to come to a pool party... "I don't want to bring sand to the beach, ya know what I mean"???
#suggestion My husband shows every one of these signs.. He joined the Marine Corps, We got married, and had our son about a year later He started very slowing showing these signs. I've done absolutel...
With mine the switch turned off completely with our second child. Still married though...but I feel very very hurt and overwhelmed. There is so much more, I know that i'm not without blame. It takes...
This was how my ex was within a month after our daughter was born. It's like a switch went off.
Thanks Travis! It's so good to get a guy's perspective because all we women can do (typically) is speculate. Men are so confusing!
Travis Hickey
Number 2 is not entirely true. Men do NOT do all they can to get a woman. If he thinks she is not interested in him, he will not make a move. If, for example, a woman does not return missed calls, I give up on her.
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