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Signs Your Phone Won't Be Ringing after a Date ...

By Emily

Sometimes you go out and think that it went really well… only to be waiting for a call or text 📱 that will never come. Noticing these signs can help save you energy and time (and also get you back on the dating scene).

1 You Argued…a Lot

You’re not going to agree with everything he says, but if you argued 😠 about some serious topics during your date, you probably won’t be someone they want to see again.

2 It Felt Forced

Meeting someone new and talking can be kind of awkward, and that’s normal. But if you two were struggling to come up with stuff to say the whole time, then it’s most likely that this is where it ends.

3 He Was Distracted

A date is where you should be getting to know someone, but he was on his phone more than half the time instead of talking with you.

4 Lack of Eye Contact👀

This kind of goes with being distracted, but if he barely looks at you or spends his time glancing around, he’s not fully committed or into it.

5 The Date Ends Abruptly

If you had a whole evening planned and he leaves extra early 🏃(without a good excuse that he later explains), then he probably wasn’t feeling it.

6 You Got Super Drunk🍻

It’s normal to have a drink or two on a date, but if you get super wasted and leave him to babysit you, he probably won’t want to have a second date.

7 He Doesn’t Walk with You

Your date doesn’t have to hold your hand during the date 👫 but if he is outpacing you and doesn’t seem to notice or care, then he’s just showing his disinterest.

8 He Doesn’t Go for the Kiss

This one isn’t always a sign that he won’t call (because some guys are shy), but typically if a date goes well a guy will want to show some type of affection💏

9 He Forgets Your Name

Ouch. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If he forgets your name or basic information about you, then he obviously doesn’t care enough.

10 No More Plans Are Made

Naturally, if a date goes well, you tend to talk about another one before it ends because you’re both excited. If he doesn’t hint that he wants to see you again, he probably won’t call.

11 He Talks about Other Women👩🏻👩🏽

This can go for exes or even other people he’s seeing. If there’s a lot of name-dropping or mentions, it shows he’s distracted.

12 He Doesn’t Want the Same Thing

This is another obvious sign that he won’t call you back: if you make your intentions clear and they don’t match up. Maybe you wanted a relationship and he wanted a fling, but either way, they’re not the same.

13 He Has a Super Busy Schedule📆

If you try to make more plans and he has a million rules of when and where you can hang out, then he is either truly too busy for something more than a fling or he doesn’t care enough.

14 He Doesn’t Show up

Another “duh” moment – if he ditches you entirely (again, with no reasonable explanation or plans to make it up to you) than he’s not worth your time.

15 When He’s Late without Warning

On both ends, it’s always nice for someone to text or call if they know they’ll be late ⏰ If he doesn’t have the courtesy to do that, he might not have the courtesy to set up another date either.

16 He Hits It and Quits It👋

If the night goes well and you end up hooking up, that’s fine – until you do the deed and he kicks you out right away or ditches you immediately.

17 Things Are Kept Surface Level

The guy you’re with should seem genuinely interested about your life by asking questions and going beyond small talk (like the weather). He also should be a little open to questions from you.

These are just a few signs that can help you determine whether he was really interested in you or if it will be a one-time thing. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea 🐠 and if this doesn’t work out, something will eventually!!

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