Are You Better as Friends than as a Couple? ...


For some, the signs you're better as friends than a couple are obvious. For others, it's not so black and white. However, if you're experiencing any of the signs you're better as friends than a couple, it might be time to re-examine your relationship to see if it's really right for the two of you. Sometimes a couple really is better off as close friends.

1. Nothing Changes when You're a Couple

One of the more obvious signs you're better as friends than a couple is the fact nothing changes. Take a look at how you act and what you do together. Has anything changed since you've become a couple? Do you feel closer to your partner than before? If you can't tell the difference between life as friends and life as a couple, you might actually be better off just staying friends.

You Don't Care How You Look


Alexsandra Stajić
I think the only accurate point on this would be #9. The rest of them are case specific
What is big three words ?!!! I'll never know that and i see it every where
I don't think any of these points are accurate. They just describe a comfortable, laid back relationship.
I think some of these points are ok, but others not so much. When I'm with my boyfriend, chances are, I'm not always gonna care what I look like. If he can't handle seeing me first thing in the mornin...
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