Are You Better as Friends than as a Couple?


Are You Better as Friends than as a Couple?
Are You Better as Friends than as a Couple?

For some, the signs you're better as friends than a couple are obvious. For others, it's not so black and white. However, if you're experiencing any of the signs you're better as friends than a couple, it might be time to re-examine your relationship to see if it's really right for the two of you. Sometimes a couple really is better off as close friends.

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Nothing Changes when You're a Couple

One of the more obvious signs you're better as friends than a couple is the fact nothing changes. Take a look at how you act and what you do together. Has anything changed since you've become a couple? Do you feel closer to your partner than before? If you can't tell the difference between life as friends and life as a couple, you might actually be better off just staying friends.


You Don't Care How You Look

I'm not saying you have to look a certain way to impress your partner, but sometimes you like dressing a little nicer just for them. If you never care about impressing them now and again, you might consider them more of a friend than a partner. Basically, if you couldn't care less about your hair or clothes when the two of you go out, there might be a problem. This is especially true if it goes both ways.


You Prefer Group Dates

It's fun to hang out with everybody sometimes, but shouldn't it be just the two of you part of the time too? I love going on double and triple dates or meeting with all of our friends. However, I'd much rather spend the evening curled up with him on the couch watching a movie. If you find yourself scheduling group dates versus one on one time, it might be because you're more comfortable as friends.


Canceling Doesn't Bother You

No matter how close you are as a couple, dates will get canceled sometimes. If you feel disappointed, it's absolutely normal. If you shrug it off or even feel relieved, that's not normal. That's usually how you feel when a friend cancels on you. If you don't feel bothered when your partner cancels or doesn't call, you might be thinking of them more as a friend than anything more.


You'd Rather Spend Time with Someone else

Friends and family are important, but when you meet the one, they suddenly take that number one spot in your life. They're the one person you love to spend time with most. Of course, other important people are a very close second. If your special someone falls to second, third or lower on the list, they're not really significant other material. They make a great friend, but they're not the person you want to spend most of your time with.


You're Never Jealous

I'm not naturally a jealous person, but I do feel twinges when an ex comes into the picture. Jealousy, even just a little, will happen in a relationship. If you see your guy hugging an attractive girl or ogling the sexy runner going down the street and don't feel anything, it might be because you see him more as a friend. Comfort is great in a relationship, but if you never feel the least bit jealous, it could be a problem.


You're Uncomfortable Getting Physical

Do you spend more time putting space between the two of you or closing the distance as quickly as possible? Usually, couples love snuggling close, stealing kisses and just generally invading each other's personal space. Friends give hugs, pat you on the back, give you a high five and respect your personal space. If you'd rather stay an arm's length apart at all times, admit you're better off as friends.


You Avoid Tender Words

Most couples have cute pet names and say romantic things to each other. While you don't have to say the big three words, there should be some sweet, tender words shared between the two of you. Do you still call each other by the crude names you had as friends? Is a friendly insult the sweetest thing you say to each other? Odds are, you're both still thinking as friends and not as a couple.


You Never Meet the Parents

Most new couples are eager to introduce their partners to their parents. While they might dread the outcome, they want to show their partner off to their parents and family members. Meeting the parents as friends isn't really important and only happens if you're invited to family gatherings. If you're both avoiding meeting the parents, it might be because you both know you're not really a couple at all.

Don't take any of these as absolute confirmation that you're not meant to be. Every couple is different, but odds are, these signs point more towards friendship than a happy couple. Have you ever ended a relationship because you were better off being friends?

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I think the only accurate point on this would be #9. The rest of them are case specific

I think some of these points are ok, but others not so much. When I'm with my boyfriend, chances are, I'm not always gonna care what I look like. If he can't handle seeing me first thing in the morning, curlers and rollers in my hair and all, we shouldn't be dating in the first place. Sure, I'm gonna get dolled up sometimes and I do that even for my friends, but my boyfriend shouldn't expect me to always look pristine and proper. Also, there shouldn't be any jealousy in a relationship. Maybe a little jealously in the beginning is understandable, but if you're deep into your relationship and you feel no jealously, that could just mean that you feel safe and secure in your own relationship, which is how it should be. Also, some people don't necessarily show their affection with such tender words. Everyone communicates in their own love language and just because verbal words isn't one of them, it doesn't mean you should just be friends.

What is big three words ?!!! I'll never know that and i see it every where

I don't think any of these points are accurate. They just describe a comfortable, laid back relationship.

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