10 Signs ⚠️ a Relationship 💏 Isn't in Your Cards 🃏 at Least for Now ...


Relationships are not always easy if we're not at the right place in our lives for them to happen. If this is you, the best thing you can do is recognise your situation and find a way to make it work for you before you decide to bring someone else into your life.

1. Emotional Unavailability

I'm, not, good, this, stuff,,

Emotional unavailability means you're not able to give yourself to someone on an emotionally level, which is needed in any relationship. It's not fair on you or the other person to engage in a relationship that requires you both to be emotionally available.

Emotional Detachment


Wow wow... this ones one of the best you've ever written ❤️ ❤️ keep rocking ✌🏻
I am actually going through this now! I ended a 4 year relationship last year June and before I got into it I was not ready but convinced myself anyway. And though we had beautiful moments we had 10x ...
High emotional detachment and excess in stubborness and independency, this applies for me!
Atty MK
I concur! A hundred percent!!!
peony blue
6 is true for so many people
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