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It’s key that you know the signs you’re in a bad relationship for your emotional and mental health. Being in a bad relationship is damaging for your self esteem and self image as well as for your partner. Most importantly, it’s not worth your time or efforts to be in a bad relationship. To save you time and grief, here are a few signs you’re in a bad relationship.

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Trust Issues

One of the signs you’re in a bad relationship is that there are several trust issues. Trust issues can vary from “small” things, such as your partner, or yourself, going through each other’s phones to filter through contacts and text messages, to bigger scenarios, such as asking for proof of where you are and whom you’re with.


Trust issues are often rooted in insecurity and fear. These can manifest in jealousy, leading to invasive behaviors like demanding passwords to social media accounts or persistent questioning about past relationships. Over time, a lack of trust erodes the foundation of a relationship, making every interaction a potential battleground for doubt and suspicion. If you find yourself constantly needing to defend your integrity or feeling anxious about your partner's fidelity, these are clear indicators that trust has been compromised, and the relationship is likely in troubled waters.



Another obvious sign you’re in a bad relationship is that there is a lot of lying going on. Either one of you may lie about your feelings for one another, whom you’re going out with or anything that directly affects the relationship. The point is that lying with poor intentions is a sign you’re in a poor relationship.


Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy partnership. When it is absent, the foundation is shaky. Lies chip away at trust, whether they're small white lies or more serious deceptions. Beyond the lie itself, the anticipation that your partner may be withholding the truth can lead to a pattern of doubt and suspicion. This atmosphere is toxic for love to grow and can leave you feeling insecure and undervalued. If lying becomes habitual, it might be time to question why honesty is not taking precedence in your relationship.



Cheating is the most blatant sign you are in a bad relationship. Being in an open relationship is different if both parties understand and agree on the terms of the relationship. However, cheating is usually when one or both parties are unfaithful to the other in a discreet manner. Thoughts of cheating are also a dangerous warning sign of events that are to come.


When you find yourself questioning your partner's fidelity or are faced with irrefutable proof of their infidelity, it's a clear indicator that the trust in the relationship has eroded. Trust is a foundational block of a healthy relationship, and once it's compromised, the relationship usually takes a downward spiral. Infidelity doesn't just cause emotional pain; it shatters your confidence and belief in your partnership. Being cheated on is a betrayal that nobody deserves, and it is often an insurmountable obstacle to regaining a healthy, loving relationship.



Nothing gets a message across clearer than using your words. Therefore, there is never a reason to get physical with a partner regardless of whose fault it was. There is never a single exception to when violence should be used in any type of relationship or scenario. If you are a victim of abuse, reach out to someone whether, it is the police, a friend or a family member, or a co-worker. On another note, there is also emotional and mental abuse, which is equally unacceptable.


Physical aggression is a clear red flag, but emotional and mental harm can be equally destructive. It can manifest in constant criticism, manipulation, or blatant disrespect, shredding one's self-esteem. Remember, love should never leave you feeling small or unworthy. Seek professional help if discerning between tough times and toxic patterns becomes challenging. Your well-being is paramount, and there's strength in admitting the need for support. Reach for a relationship that uplifts and validates you, not one that breaks you down.


No Time

If you and your partner live within 30-40 minutes and aren’t seeing each other a reasonable amount per month, it’s time to ask yourself why. It’s easy to make excuses and say that your schedules are conflicting, but even if that’s true there are always solutions to conflicting schedules, such as trying to align your days off. In fact, every problem in life has a solution but if neither of you are looking for solutions to make more time for one another, it's time to honestly evaluate your relationship.


Time is the essence of any thriving relationship, yet it's often the first casualty when interest wanes. Mutual effort to carve out moments together signifies a commitment that shouldn't be overlooked. When the will to resolve time conflicts seems to evaporate into thin air, it may reflect deeper issues at hand. The unwillingness to prioritize your couple time over other activities can be a telling sign that the relationship isn't as important to you or your partner. It's essential to reflect on whether you're avoiding spending time together and why that might be the case.


No Title

If you’ve been dating someone exclusively for a few weeks to a few months and there is no title or label of what the two of you are, that’s totally fine. However, if you’re reaching an anniversary in your relationship, such as a 6 month anniversary, or one year, and he/she is still not introducing you as their partner to their friends and family, or it’s still unclear what the two of you are and what the terms of your relationships are, then most likely one or both of you know the relationship isn’t going anywhere for much longer.


It's natural to enjoy the casual thrills of a budding romance without pressure early on. But transparency and communication are key to any healthy partnership. If you're celebrating milestones without a clear understanding of where you stand, it's time for a heart-to-heart talk. Consider this: Are you comfortable with ambiguity, or does it leave you feeling insecure and unvalued? A significant other who is serious about you would want to proudly declare your relationship and make your status known. An unwillingness to do so after a significant period could be a glaring red flag that shouldn't be ignored.


More Bad Times than Good

Sure, the good times are great, but what if the bad times are worse and frequent? If so, it’s time to say goodbye. Relationship lows include prolonged fighting, several “breaks,” affairs or cheating, abuse, etc… Most of the aforementioned things should only happen once before you decide to leave. However, if you decide to go back and these occurrences continue to happen, it only goes to show your relationship has a dangerous and destructive pattern to it.

It’s hard to break away from relationships, especially if you have been with your partner for several years. However, staying with him/her is worse for you than leaving is. At first it will be difficult but after a few weeks, or even months, you’ll feel happier and healthier. What are other signs you are in a bad relationship?

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It is true. I can honestly say I am in a relationship that includes, trust issues, cheating, lying, and not having nothing in common anymore. After seven years of an unhealthy relationship, it is so hard to walk away but at the end you feel stress free, happier, healthier and def nothing to worry about, drama free.

I am in a relationship with a man who doesn't consider my feelings our relationship is on and off no stability what so ever that's definitely a sign of time to move on before emotional damage is done leaving the relationship while I am still intact mind, body, and sole.

what if, if he always hangout with his friends than me? It happens to me.

When you have no money no nothing.

Is no one here willing to try and work through issues, as me and my boyfriend have gone through some of these issues, but we've considerably improved our relationship, by addressing problems, leaving one relationship may not mean the next is going to be perfect as you are still the same person

How do you leave.

These signs certainly indicate that I was in a bad relationship...

I recently got of an emotionally abusive relationship and reading this article clearly indicates that I made the right decision.

I used to be in a destructive relationship with the same signs that the article talks about. I made the decision to end the relationship and no doubt, that was the best decision I have made in my entire life im so happy now!

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