Bad 😣 Signs 🚦 You Are Not ❌ a Match πŸ’• Made in Heaven ✨ ...

There are definitely some signs you're not a match made in heaven. When you are just starting out with someone new, those initial feelings of lust and passion can really cloud your judgment when it comes to the bigger picture and ultimate compatibility. You are really attracted to this person and share a great initial chemistry, but just because this honeymoon period feels good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have found your one true love. There are plenty of little signs that will occur towards the end of honeymoon period that are indicators that this relationship might not be the one that you should hang all your hopes on. Here are some of the major signs you're not a match made in heaven.

1. Can’t Agree on Kids

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The desire to have children is one that you can’t ignore, and it is a huge problem if your partner is totally against the idea. The same goes for the other way round, if you don’t want children but he does, then you are never going to make each other truly happy. Don’t waste time in what is ultimately going to be an unfruitful relationship. If you can't agree on kids, that's one of the biggest signs you're not a match made in heaven.

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