2. Wandering Eyes and Fantasy Are Okay, but do They Happen Every Time?

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Get this right and get it straight. If you or your man has wandering eyes, then it is okay. It is okay to read the menu, so long as you eat at home. The same is actually โ€œmoreโ€ true of men. A man can spend his day looking at beautiful women, but by the time he has gotten home, he will not remember a single one of them. The Dennis Prager University did a very good piece on this called โ€œHe Wants You,โ€ where they referenced scientific studies that proved men are genetically driven to look at other women, and also that within seconds he will not be able to recollect anything about her.

What is more shocking is that fantasy is okay too. Fantasies that include you having sex with other people are okay. That even includes if you fantasize that your man is another man whilst having sex. Fantasy is actually one of the few psychological tools we have to prevent perversion (seriously, look it up!). But, if you โ€œhaveโ€ to fantasize every time you have sex with your partner, or if you spend most of your time thinking about other people rather than him, then there is a good chance you are not in love with him. (Or the sex is so bad youโ€™re disinterested!)

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