7 Signs You're Starting to Fall for Each Other ...


Whether you and your crush just started your relationship or haven’t admitted your feelings yet, there are clear signs you’re starting to fall for each other. Feelings can develop when you least expect them to, so you should always be on the lookout for them. You never know when your friend will turn into a whole lot more. In case you're curious, here are some signs you’re starting to fall for each other:

1. Late Night, Losing Sleep

It’s two in the morning, and you have to wake up at six, but you still grab your phone whenever it lights up. You’re incredibly tired, but you don’t want the conversation to end. Sacrificing your sleep is one of the clear signs you’re starting to fall for each other. It’s easy enough to say a quick goodbye and talk in the morning, but you both refuse to do it.

Missing You


Oh... Ok now I think I'm in love with this guy..
True ☺
I am exactly like that with this guy... The only problem is he has a girlfriend
Yes very true! And when you get butterflies when you talk and can't stop smiling! When you fall speechless!(:😍
All are true 😍
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