Warning ⚠️ Signs 🚦 You're Suffering 😣 from Dating πŸ‘« Fatigue 😴 ...

There are definitely some signs you're suffering from dating fatigue. It isn’t something that is often talked about, but when you are out there trying your luck in the big wide world of dating, things can get really tiring if you find that you aren’t having the kind of success you were hoping for! If you get in the habit of going out too often with dates who you don’t particularly like, then it becomes more of a routine chore than something to be excited about; not quite the type of excitement and adventure that you hoped the dating pool would be able to provide! Sometimes, all it takes is a little time out to get motivated to try again, but first, you need to recognise that you actually are suffering from dating fatigue. Here are some of the key signs you're suffering from dating fatigue.

1. Plain Bored

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For some reason, you are just straight up bored by the prospect of going out on yet another date. It could be that you have gone on too many in the past month, it could be that the last few times have resulted in terrible nights out with people who have turned out to be terrible individuals. Whatever it is, you have lost the air of excitement that comes with going on a first date, and now see it more as a chore. Boredom is one of the top signs you're suffering from dating fatigue.

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