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What do you normally do to improve your relationship? I’m asking that because I believe that everyone has to face, from time to time, all kinds of difficulties in their relationship or even marriage. I’m sure that every couple who notices the appearance of a few problems in their love life tries to do their best and work them out. It’s very important for both of you to do something and try to improve your relationship. Most men find it rather hard to understand what women want and that’s why they might consider that there’s nothing they can do to save their relationship, so they get discouraged. In fact, women are not as complicated as most men think, and it’s not that hard for them to find some creative ways to improve their love life.

1. A Woman Wants to Feel Loved

Love is the most important ingredient in every relationship but sometimes even this wonderful feeling may not be enough to improve your relationship when you’re facing a few problems. But, what most men don’t know is that a lot of women are more willing to compromise and forgive certain things, if the guy just makes them feel loved and cherished. It’s not that hard to do it either, the results are amazing and definitely worth your efforts!

A Woman Wants to Feel Appreciated


@understandingyou Thanks but I don't need to.
@Vanessa, they are simple. Life sometimes gets busy and we forget. Send the article to your man
This is it in a nutshell for me. Women are much more emotional than men. Small gestures of love go a very long way. An unexpected hug, a rub on the back or being the first to say I love you mean more to women than men think.
I believe this relates to women so much. It\'s awesome
These points are all so true but I doubt that from a mans point of view that they are in any way \'simple\'. Just shows how complex we can be as women..
@Jeritza I agree with u 100% :)
Amen to this post tho.. Every man should read this one.
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