7 Simple Things That I Love about Men ...

As much as they break our hearts and drive us crazy, there are some simple things that I just love about men. We can’t live with them and yet we can’t live without them – I think it is far too difficult to understand the other sex, rather I think we should just appreciate some of the good qualities that they bring to the table. After all life would be far too easy and boring if we didn’t have men to stir things up a little! Here is a list of the things - not a complete list, of course! - that I love about men.

1. They Are so Warm

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My number one thing that I love about men – is that they are so warm. Have you noticed how it can be freezing cold and yet some men are still walking around in shorts and t-shirts? I think to myself that they must be crazy! But lots of men are simply warmer than us. They are walking, talking radiators – ideal for heating up cold toes and snuggling up to when winter sets in. Rather than reaching for a hot water bottle, grab a man – they are far more fun and cozy.

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