8 Simple ✌️ Ways to Give Your Bedroom πŸ› a Makeover πŸ”„ to Make It a Sexy 😘 Love Nest πŸ’˜ ...


In my opinion, the bedroom should be for two main things, sleeping and sex! In simple terms, the only things you really need to make it a good sleeping environment is a comfortable bed, silence, and darkness, but things can definitely be a little more complicated when it comes to creating the right kind of atmosphere for lovemaking! For a lot of people, getting in the mood isn’t just about how you are feeling physically, it also has a lot to do with how you are reacting to your environment at the time. Here are eight ways to give your bedroom a makeover to make it a sexy love nest!

1. Kids out

If you have kids running around, make sure that they stay out of your bedroom. The last thing you want is to get in the mood, take things up to the bedroom and then step on a pile of Lego that has been waiting for you! Teach your kids that your bedroom is your own private sanctuary and ask them to respect that.

Pets out
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