8 Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover to Make It a Sexy Love Nest ...


8 Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover to Make It a Sexy Love Nest ...
8 Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover to Make It a Sexy Love Nest ...

In my opinion, the bedroom should be for two main things, sleeping and sex! In simple terms, the only things you really need to make it a good sleeping environment is a comfortable bed, silence, and darkness, but things can definitely be a little more complicated when it comes to creating the right kind of atmosphere for lovemaking! For a lot of people, getting in the mood isn’t just about how you are feeling physically, it also has a lot to do with how you are reacting to your environment at the time. Here are eight ways to give your bedroom a makeover to make it a sexy love nest!

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Kids out

If you have kids running around, make sure that they stay out of your bedroom. The last thing you want is to get in the mood, take things up to the bedroom and then step on a pile of Lego that has been waiting for you! Teach your kids that your bedroom is your own private sanctuary and ask them to respect that.


Pets out

Similarly, you also don’t want to be in the throes of passion and have your dog bounce up on the bed wanting to play! Set boundaries with your pets and don’t allow them to treat your bedroom as just another place in the house that they are allowed to take over!


Good Bedding

The touch and feel of smooth, quality linen can make such a difference in terms of getting in the mood. You don’t want to feel itchy or overheated by some cheap sheets, so treat yourself to some high thread count numbers and everything will instantly feel more luxurious!


Make the Bed

Get into the habit of making the bed every morning after you get up because it is so much sexier to venture upstairs together at the end of the day and find a fresh area to make love in!


Mood Lighting

Make sure you have more than just your big overhead light in your bedroom, because you don’t just want the option of all light or no light for sexy times! A few strategically places lamps here and there can create that perfect half-light.


Not an Office

Try to remember that your bedroom is not your office. Leave your work outside in both a mental and physical sense. Files and thoughts of deadlines should be left on the kitchen table!


Screen Time Rules

Set some rules about the amount of screen time you and your partner are allowed to have when in bed. Think about all of the other things you could be doing rather than scrolling through Facebook or Twitter!


Tidy up

Don’t let the bedroom get in to the kind of state where you are tiptoeing around mess in order to get in and out of bed all the time. That kind of mess isn’t likely to fan the flames of desire, is it?

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