9 Situations That Will Test How Strong Your Relationship is ...


Whether you’re dating, have been together for a while, or are married, there are certain situations that will test how strong your relationship is. These situations can turn out to be good or bad for your relationship. If you are thinking of moving to the next level, they might help you figure out if you’re ready and if your partner is ready. So, let’s see how strong your relationship is and if it will stand to be tested…

1. Meeting the Friends

Before you meet the parents you’ll be introduced to your significant other’s close friends, and well, this may be a bigger test of how strong your relationship is than when you do meet the parents. Some people really value the opinion of their friends and watch as their partner interacts with them. If you don’t talk enough and come off as someone who is too reserved, or on the other hand come off too flirty, this could be bad for your relationship. It can be nerve wrecking when meeting the friends, but just be you and they will see why their friend loves you so much!



Denise Cristobal
Hi Isabella. I hope things work out for you and your man!
Olivia Rose
haha obviously having your own kids...but moving together can be a test on a relationship. my bf and i moved from cali to georgia and it wasn't easy and we'll be moving back again in a month. a lot of decisions to be made together
My boyfriends been in Japan for 2 years on deployment (I got to see him for 3 weeks in between) and we've still been going on strong!
Noelle Shannon
Isabella Coles
I had a really good road trip with my man over a weekend, loved every minute of it :) His sister's getting married in November so i get to see the rest of the family from New Zealand again which will ...
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