25 Small Gifts for a New Boyfriend That Won't Scare Him off ...


Want to get something for Valentine's for your new guy but don't wan to scare him away? Not to worry! We rounded up 25 small, simple, yet thoughtful gifts that are sure to impress any guy. Whether your sweetie likes luxury skin care or is obsessed with technology, we've got something special that is perfect for your new guy!

1. Kent Hand-Made 113mm All Fine Pocket Comb

Kent Hand-Made 113mm All Fine Pocket Comb

A comb might seem like a boring gift, but this isn't just any old comb. This baby is hand-made and it's made especially for beards. This compact comb fits perfectly into his pocket so he stays looking sharp everywhere he goes.

Stanley Adventure Clip Grip Coffee Mug, 20 Oz


peony blue
Don't buy him anything
The Weeknd
I swear all these gifts are made for old men 😂
this is horrible 😂
This post helped me! I'm gonna get my man a coffee cup. And I'm gonna put his fav candy in it and a picture of us
You wan to give the ugliest slippers and socks on the planet, pay attention to this terrible post
Kerry Samuels
I do not like this post!
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