5. Trust

No relationship can survive without a certain level of trust. Trusting your guy to make the right decisions gives you an air of confidence. Guys love a confident woman. Unfounded jealousy makes you appear insecure and obsessive. If you have no valid reason to distrust him, don’t fall into the jealousy trap. Trust is an important way to show your love.

Give Him Space


@Kissmebbylove I agree my boyfriend brought me some Starbucks and a card when I was sick. It was so sweet
if your boyfriend is sick, make him a Get Well box with things to make him feel better. a card maybe some tissue etc. It works!
@Mikayla he's interested.
He seems very cute and friendly, maybe one day you should take closer steps towards him and go talk to him, seems like he is intrested
Ok so I need advice.. So I have this neighbor boy and every time he gets home from school and I just get off the bus he waves at me and smiles and when I'm outside he will come outside to wave at me.....
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