17 SnapChat Tips for Flirting with Your Crush ...


The easiest way to flirt with your crush is through technology. Instead of texting him or messaging him on Facebook, you can try sending him snapshots over the most popular app out there. If that sounds like fun, here are a few SnapChat tips for flirting with your crush:

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Make the Snap Short to Tease Him

Don't give him a full 10 second snap. Make it short in order to make him suffer.


Make a Funny Face

Google G,cartoon,nose,font,clip art, Acting sexual isn't always the way to go. If you want your crush to see how silly and carefree you are, then you should send him a picture of you making a funny face at the camera.


Create a Good Caption

text,font,logo,circle,illustration, The caption is just as important as the picture. If you want to make sure that you get a snap back, ask him a question to spark a mini conversation.


Make a Video

text,cartoon,product,advertising,logo, Instead of taking a photo, you can take a video instead. You don't even need to talk in it. You can just play music in the background for him.


Use Emojis

You're able to decorate your snaps with emojis, so make sure to do so! They'll look fun and flirty.


Cover Your Flaws with the Text Box

Snapchat,CB4 (1993),money,cash,currency, If you don't like the way your nose looks in the picture, cover it up with the text box. That way, you'll feel a little more confident.


Take Screenshots of Him

text,green,cartoon,font,logo, If he sends you a sexy picture, take a screenshot of him. The app will alert him, and he'll be flattered.


When it comes to flirting with your crush on SnapChat, taking screenshots of them is a great way to show your appreciation and get them to open up to you. Taking screenshots of your crush can be done in a few simple steps. First, open the SnapChat app and select the person you want to take a screenshot of. Once you've selected the person, you'll be able to view their profile and any pictures they have sent you. Then, simply press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time. This will take a screenshot of the person's profile and any pictures they have sent you. The app will then alert your crush that you've taken a screenshot, and they'll be flattered that you appreciate them enough to take a screenshot of them.

In addition to taking screenshots of your crush, you can also use SnapChat to send them messages, photos, and videos. This is a great way to show your interest and get to know them better. SnapChat also allows you to send them voice messages and video calls. This is a great way to have a more intimate conversation with your crush and let them know that you're interested in getting to know them better.


Replay His Snaps

Instead of taking a screenshot, you can replay his snaps in order to raise his confidence. It's a huge compliment!


Replaying your crush's snaps is a great way to show them you are interested in what they have to say. Not only does it show them that you are paying attention, but it is also a way to give them a compliment without having to say anything. When you replay their snaps, it shows that you appreciate their content and that you are interested in what they have to say. Replaying snaps is also a great way to start a conversation with your crush, as it can help break the ice and open up the lines of communication. It can also be a great way to get to know each other better and build a connection.


Make Sure to Watch His Story

Don't forget to watch his story. After all, he can see who views it, and will be happy that you try to keep up with his life.


Text Him about His Recent Snapchats

muscle, If there's an interesting photo in his story, text him about it. It's a great conversation starter.


Draw a Picture for Him

beauty,skin,finger,muscle,blond, If you don't like what you look like on any given day, draw a picture for him instead. He'll appreciate your creativity.


Make Your Flirting Obvious

Boys are oblivious. That's why you need to make it abundantly clear that you're attracted to him if you want him to know how you feel.


Show a Little Skin...

There's nothing wrong with wearing a low-cut shirt or showing off your legs in a skirt. He'll drool over pictures that show off your sexy side.


...but Don’t Send Nudes

ESECCom, Showing skin doesn't mean you should send him nudes. That's the last thing you want to do.


Record His Favorite Show

If you're watching a show he loves, take a video of your television. He'll get a kick out of it.


Take Pictures with Friends

human action,hair,person,blond,mouth, Don't stick to taking pictures alone. Take a few with friends, so that you look like a social butterfly.


Personalize Your Snaps

human action,person,hairstyle,eating,sense, Use his name in your Snaps, so he realizes you're sending them to him and only him. It'll make him feel special.

Don't be shy. Snap your crush right now! What other SnapChat tips do you have?

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This generation is ridiculous. Flirting in person not on the damn phone. Leave your phone at home. If he likes you. He will keep in touch. By writing down his number on a piece of paper or write his name and number on your hand with a pen or sharpie. Technology is over rated. Less tech and more old school.

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