10 Social Media πŸ“± Dating Rules πŸ“– All Couples πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ Need to Follow in 2018 πŸ“† ...

Social media dating rules are there to help your relationship survive, to help you both be happy and to avoid the many pitfalls that can send ripples of discord between the two of you. Social media is such a part of our lives that we do have to pay attention to how we use it affects our partners. Social media dating rules are just dating etiquette for the digital age. If you want to ensure social media is a happy area of your relationship, enhancing it rather than it causing bones of contention, here are the dating rules to remember.

1. Dates Are No Phone Zones

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For the sake of your relationship and the for the sake of your Facebook friends, don’t take your phones out on dates just to check into locations and take romantic selfies! We know you’re together, we’ve already seen your pictures. Just leave your dates for the two of you and refrain from posting every five minutes!

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