How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle with Spontaneity for Girls in a Rut ...


How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle with Spontaneity for Girls in a Rut ...
How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle with Spontaneity for Girls in a Rut ...

When you've been in a relationship for a while, life starts to become predictable. You know when you'll see your boyfriend, what you'll do together, and what he'll say before it actually happens. Since a set routine like that can make your relationship feel stale, here are a few spontaneous ways to add spice to your life:

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Go out at a Different Time

The easiest way to make your relationship feel more exciting is simply by going out during a different day of the week or going to a different restaurant than you normally do. It's only a slight change in your schedule, but it'll make the week feel entirely different. The same rule applies to the time of the day when you see your partner. If you usually hang out at night, try getting breakfast together instead.


Take Away Your Electronics

If you two usually sit on the couch to talk while watching TV, take the television out of the equation by turning it off. You should also disable your internet connection and put your phones on silent. That way, you'll be forced to pay extra attention to each other. When there's nothing around to distract you from spending time together, you're bound to bond.


Fill a Jar with Date Ideas

There are plenty of dates that you two could go on. You could go to the movies, the zoo, the park, or even the pet shop. However, it's always hard to decide what to do in the moment. That's why you should fill a jar with date ideas and then pick out a slip of paper when you can't decide on what to do.


Surprise Him with Gifts

Don't wait until your anniversary or his birthday to buy him gifts. Surprise him with something special tomorrow. It doesn't have to be expensive. It just needs to be thoughtful. He'll love whatever it is that you pick up for him, even if it's just candy from the drug store.


Just Drive around

Spontaneous people don't plan out their activities. So if you want to do something out of the ordinary, just get in the car together and drive around without a destination in mind. You might see a store you've never been in or a park that you've never explored. You never know what you could find when you just look around.


Make Something Special

Head to the store and throw some random (but useful) ingredients into your shopping cart. When you get back home, you can try to create a meal out of whatever it is you two bought. It's a great way to try something new, instead of eating the same meals that you have on a weekly basis.


Plan a Surprise Date

Make plans with your partner to set up surprise dates for each other. You can tell them the day that it's going to happen, so that they don't make other plans, but everything else should be a secret. Just make sure the date is something neither of you have done before, so you can experience something new together.

Monotony can kill a relationship. That's why you need to keep your partner on their toes by surprising them with these fun activities. What's the most spontaneous thing that you and your partner have ever done?

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I'm taking my man out for a surprise dinner tomorrow night, he has no idea where we're going but should be fun!

I like #2 as well, it reminds me of the movie something different when main character is sitting right next to her new boyfriend and they're both on their laptops completely ignoring each other.

Great ideas esp two

Surprise sex is always a fun idea!

Great ideas! Thank you!

All good ideas :)


Sponteous make out session to show you got the hots still.

Once in a while we do unplanned trips ❤️

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