17 Spots on His Body You Shouldn't Ignore ...


17 Spots on His Body You Shouldn't Ignore ...
17 Spots on His Body You Shouldn't Ignore ...

When you're seducing a man, you can't focus all of your attention on one area. After all, there are plenty of different ways to get him hot and heavy. So stop focusing all of your energy on the area between his legs, because you shouldn't ignore these spots on his body:

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His Earlobes

His Earlobes His ears are actually pretty sensitive. So when you're kissing him, don't be afraid to peck his earlobe or even nibble on it a bit.


His Neck

His Neck We love to have our necks kissed, and men are no different. That's why you should kiss his neck as often as he kisses yours.

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His Thighs

His Thighs This spot is close to his genitals, which is why he'll love when you place kisses there. It'll tease him.

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His Forehead

His Forehead Men don't mind small, tender kisses. That's why you should press your lips against his forehead whenever you want to be sweet.

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His Cheek

person, conversation, screenshot, interaction, romance, Here's another sweet, innocent spot for a kiss that shouldn't be ignored. It'll make him see just how much you care about him, because cheek kisses are selfless kisses.

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His Booty

His Booty Don't be embarrassed to grab his booty. He does it to you, so you should be able to do it right back to him.

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His Stomach

His Stomach Some men have ticklish stomachs. Of course, if your man can handle being touched there, he'll love a few kisses by his treasure trail.

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His Hair

His Hair Don't you love the feel of your man's hair? That's why you shouldn't be afraid to run your hands through it. You can even yank on it a bit if he likes it rough.

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His Eyes

His Eyes Don't forget to look him in the eyes as often as you can. They're the windows into the soul, after all. Making eye contact in between kisses can make every touch feel much more intense.

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His Feet

His Feet Some men have foot fetishes. Even if your man isn't one of them, he probably wouldn't mind getting a long foot rub.

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His Chest

His Chest Don't forget about placing kisses down his chest. Some men even like to have their nipples played with. Just don't be too rough with them, because it's a sensitive area.

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His Collarbone

His Collarbone Don't you love the look of your man's collarbone? Then you shouldn't hesitate to pay attention to the sexy spot.

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His Back

His Back Don't be afraid to flip him over and kiss him on the back. You could even dig your nails into his back a bit while you kiss.

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His Hands

His Hands Hold his hand while you're in the middle of making out. If you want to get risqué, then you can lick and suck on his fingers.

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His Tongue

human action, person, black, photograph, black and white, Don't be afraid to french kiss. Swirl your tongue around with his.

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His Legs

His Legs Don't forget about his legs. They don't seem like a sexy area, but he might love the feel of your nails rubbing up from his ankles to his thighs while you sit on the couch.

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His Brain

His Brain Your body isn't the only thing that can turn him on. Your personality can, too. That's why you shouldn't forget to appeal to his brain by showing off your smarts.

Your man has an entire body for you to enjoy, so don't waste all of your time focusing on one area. What's your favorite body part to have kissed?

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Ok his whole body I get it 😒🙄

Sounds like his whole body

idk about u. but my boyfriend doesn't mind me grabbing his butt.. I mean he grabs mine, I do it back

Lol most guys dont like to have their butt grabbed...just saying

I totally agree with this article.


My boyfriends flips out when I touch his butt

My boy friend used to say during our intimacy session , like baby just do whatever you like , No rules ;)💋😻💓

No butt grabbing

Aww his brain, that was cute

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