10 Stages πŸ“Ά of Falling in Love 😍 ...

Have you ever been through the stages of falling in love? Ah, falling in love, there really is nothing like it! We will all experience that dizzy sensation of falling head over feels for somebody at some point in our lives. It doesn’t always have to lead to spending the rest of your life with β€˜the one’, but it still feels fun to be part of it along the way! It would be fair to say that, although the movies make it seem like one second you are completely fine and the next second you are flying in the air with cupid’s arrow in your back, falling in love in real life tends to take a little longer and require a few more steps than just first sight. Just so you can be prepared for when it happens to you, here are the ten stages of falling in love.

1. Physical Attraction

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This is, of course, the first thing that you notice, just how attracted you are to the person on a physical level. This might not be the most important factor, but it’s certainly the first one that we all experience and is usually the first in the line of stages of falling in love.

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