7 Stages πŸ“Ά of Getting Used to 😬 Sharing a Bed πŸ›Œ with Someone πŸ’– ...

It can be a strange experience getting used to sharing a bed with someone and there are some stages of getting used to sharing a bed that you're going to experience together.

You’ve spent anything from 15-20 odd years sleeping alone and now there is this whole other person in your bed – every night. You’ve established your own sleep patterns and positions and habits and now they’re all disrupted. Without getting all scientific about it, there are various stages of getting used to sharing a bed with someone.

1. The Tangled up Stage

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The first of the stages of getting used to sharing a bed is the hardest to get used to. The first few weeks will be an exploration of just how tangled up two people can become in a single night! You will fall asleep comfortably in each other’s arms, but by 4am the pins and needles will start to kick in and when you wake up you won’t even know how you possibly got in to the positions that you have found yourselves in! Legs, arms, hair, anything that has the ability to intertwine with something definitely will! It’s all about learning special awareness.

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