7 Steamy Subscription Boxes to Spice up You Sex Life without Leaving Home ...

By Laura

7 Steamy Subscription Boxes  to Spice up You Sex Life  without  Leaving Home  ...

Takeaway: I want to spice up my sex life.

Does your love life (in the bedroom) need a little pick-me-up? Look no further than this list (from popsugar.com) of steamy subscription boxes you and your lover can get delivered right to your door. Skip the awkward sex store routine and enjoy some sassy and spunky fun with your hottie!

1 The Fantasy Box

Act out a romantic fantasy with your man with The Fantasy Box. This creative subscription service sends you themed instruction cards and all the necessary toys, costumes, etc. to act it out with your partner. The classic Fantasy Box is $59 (four to five products), and the Fantasy Box Platinum is $159 (six to seven products). There's also an Essentials Box that is $39 for three to four items. An example of a past box is "The Ultimate Dessert," which included a vibrator cupcake, apron and thong, edible lube, licorice vines for bondage, and cupcake-scented wipes.

2 Unbound

Unbound is a discreet quarterly box ($65 per box or $125 for two quarters and $195 for three) with curated, surprise products for spicing up your sex life. Designed for sex-positive women — single or coupled — Unbound's offering range from sexy skin care products to vibrators to erotica. There are also a range of limited-edition themed boxes like the Holiday Box ($26), the BDSM Box ($95), and even a Harry Potter box ($36) — seriously!

3 Adore Me

The goal of Adore Me is to make you feel sexy and beautiful with a hot little negligee number. For $40 each month, you receive a box filled with lingerie, personalized based on your size and preferences.

4 Spicy Subscriptions

Spicy Subscriptions is a monthly box filled with sexy products like massage oils, toys, and lingerie from The Spice Shop. You can pick either the Toy of the Month for $25 a month or the Spice Box for $35 a month.

5 The Pleasure Pantry

The Pleasure Pantry is a discreet monthly subscription that's perfect if you want to try out sex toys and goodies without walking into a sex toy shop. You can purchase a monthly subscription for $29 a month, a three-month trial slash gift subscription for $34 a month, or a deluxe box for $75 a month. Pleasure packs come in boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy, or bridal ($33 a month) options.

6 PleasureSack

PleasureSack promises to "take the guesswork out of trying to decide from virtually hundreds of thousands of adult products that exist." The monthly boxes start at $59 for a one-month trial to $588 for a 12-month subscription. There are also luxury options for him or her.

7 Big Oh! Box

Big Oh! Box offers a variety of options with its boxes of sex toys, accessories, and other goodies. There's a sample box with three to five items for $25 a month and then the regular box is either $59 a month or $109 a quarter. They come in two versions: Sol-Oh! (with toys for self-pleasure) or Oh! Friend (with items for couples).

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