5 Stellar Tips for the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Crush ...

By Leiann

I keep asking myself the question, "What would he think?" "Does he even know I exist?" "Is he going to think I am a creeper?"

Then, I ask myself, "What would be an acceptable gift so as not to seem weird?"

Watch this video to see if things are not as complicated as we think...

I have not dated in almost a decade. Recently, I became friends with a man on LinkedIn. He is handsome, has a super personality, tells me all of the time that he likes my eyes, etc. What am I supposed to think? What would you think?

When we have a crush, especially on social media, it is hard to tell what to give a crush as a present, if any at all.

Personally, I like the thought of making a present unique... maybe homemade or something inexpensive that has a special meaning that only the two of you know. Likewise, what about a greeting card? Pick a card out that is just right or one-of-a-kind. Take your time as you browse. What is it that you would like to express?

If he blows your gift off, know that there is a man out there who would want that gift in the worst way. You are going to find him. Just be patient. I have waited nearly 10 years, why start biting my fingernails now, right?

I hope you found this video helpful.

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