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7 Steps to a Better Love Life ...

By Renee

You sometimes fear that Love is a four-letter word of the most unspoken variety, but walking these steps to a better love life is as simple as following your own heart. All that you have inside of you is all that you need to find your fulfillment in the Amore Arena. You just need to release that inner tiger! Following these steps to a better love life can lead you towards the ultimate romantic walk down Lover’s Lane!

1 Be Your Own Permanent Valentine

One of the best ways to achieve everlasting love is to be your own Love of Your Life. If you are open to it, this could be the easiest of the steps to a better love life. Once you fall in love with yourself, you will begin to believe you’re deserving of all the good this wonderful world has to offer. And when you start to believe, this could just open the door to the Wondrous One walking right through it instead of you trying to break down his door instead!

2 Listen, Learn, and Love

We all have an idea in our head of the person with whom we should fall in love: tall, dark, and handsome; Swedish swim team member; intellectual god? Perhaps if you listen to the one who makes you laugh, you’ll find that Swede buried under his layers of hemp Rasta clothing. Or if you look at your cubicle neighbor under a different fluorescent light, you’ll find his secret intellectual godliness waiting to be discovered. Maybe the short in stature friend who asked you out a million years ago really has the heart and libido of a tall, dark, and handsome Fabio in disguise. Take a chance, listen with your ears and not your eyes as Mother Nature intended, and see what happens!


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3 Happiness is a Warm Puppy…or Plant

Maybe if it’s been a while since love shared your snuggle couch, you should take it slow. If a pet is in your life, excellent! If not, how about starting with nurturing a plant, giving it lots of light, nourishment, loving words, and moving onto perhaps a fish? Once you have the process down of choosing the right botanical or finned roommate, how about moving onto a variety with legs? Not only will you have a house filled with life once this love exercise is complete, you will have a great understanding of who it is you would like to join your happy, loving household.

4 Friendships First

Love comes in all varieties. One of the most precious is friendship. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if the love you seek is found in your group of the precious people you call ‘Friends’? Friendships can carry you through so many changes, ups, and downs of life. Before cultivating any other form of relationship, why not start with making friends? And if that undeniable spark is lit between you and one of your available friends, why not acknowledge it with the caveat that friendship will always be there, whether the flame turns into a roaring fire, or just stays warm, welcoming coals?

5 Let Your Creativity Flow

So now you and your Potential One have admitted there is ‘Something There.’ What next? Take that colorful and rich imagination, and have fun. Isn’t that what love is supposed to be? Think of different ways to light his Friday Night Fire, to wager on the next game of pool, to wish him a Happy Birthday even if it’s not his birthday? Having these fun times and the ways you express them are unique to you and your Potential One. This could bring you closer...and closer.

6 Stone Walls Are Meant for Castles

Yes, you’ve been hurt by others and your own questionable past choices. This is water under the drawbridge. Swing open the castle gates and let down your hair, Rapunzel! True Love flows better without having to bang its head on the walls created to keep him out. Take a chance, keep your head, and honor your heart. He will find you!

7 Sweet is Sexy

Sometimes it feels like sexy is a foreign import instead of the homegrown-grown variety. While it can be either, just think of those whom you find the sexiest. Are they ones who seem comfortable in their own skin, who treat others well, who laugh easily? The same rules apply to you. Being yourself is enough! Kindness, thoughtfulness, readiness to help while still maintaining good boundaries are beautiful and sexy to The Healthy Ones of the world. It shows them that while you know how to take care of yourself, you would always be by their side as well.

The love life of your dreams is something you can achieve in waking life. Be true to you, open, and kind to yourself and others, and it will come your way when YOU are ready! What is one of your favorite ways that you have improved your love life? What advice do you have for your friends?

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