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7 Steps to Better Relationships with Friends Family Love Interests ...

By Alicia

If you’d like to take some steps to better relationships with your friends, family and love interests then this list is for you. Caring about your relationships enough to figure out how to improve them is a good first step. This year could be the year that all your relationships improve. These steps to better relationships can show you how to do that.

1 Make Time for Quality Time with Others

If others matter to you, you’ll want to make time for them. A lot of times we underestimate how important quality time is. It’s time when you really bond with those you care about. It also sends them a message that they matter enough to you to stop whatever else you were doing just for them. This is one of the important steps to better relationships this year.

2 Try to Be Understanding

This isn’t always easy. Many times we aren’t understanding of others because we’re too busy thinking of ourselves and our feelings. I’ve been there. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of the box that’s only about you and focus on how the other person may be thinking or feeling. If you can find understanding, your relationship will improve. Even if you don’t agree with them, you can empathize.

3 Embrace Your Differences

You know what? It’s a good thing that you’re different from your parents, siblings, friends and boyfriend. What a boring world it would be if we were all alike. Appreciate that you’re different to others. More than that, try to learn to be appreciative of others' unique traits.

4 Be Supportive

There’s no doubt that you, your family, friends and love interest are all at different places in your life. Some may be trying to start a family or get a degree. Maybe your parents are facing retirement. The point is you’re each on your own journey. In light of that fact, being supportive of the place others are in their life is huge. Just being there and giving a few words of encouragement for the next phase of someone’s life means everything.

5 Assume the Best of Others

So many times we assume the worst of others. We don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. This year, make it a goal to change this thought pattern. Decide to assume the best of others. Many times people tend to live up to your expectations.

6 Be Thoughtful

This is something that you can get better at with practice. If you make it a goal to be more thoughtful then you’re more likely to make it happen. Call your sister to check on her when you know she needs a friend. Don’t forget your best friend’s birthday. Buy your boyfriend his favorite candy bar just because.

7 End Toxic Relationships

One part of having better relationships is knowing when to say when. Sometimes you’ve already put a lot into a relationship, maybe even everything you have and it just isn’t working. Maybe the other person isn’t interested in a relationship. In this situation, you have to evaluate if there’s even a relationship to invest in. Sometimes the best thing you can do is move on rather than continue in a hurtful cycle.

These are 7 things you can do for better relationships. What’re your goals for your relationships this year? You’re always welcome to comment.

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