7 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Man ...


Finding your perfect man isn't as hard as it seems. You just need to look in the right places. He's not trying to hide from you, so you'll find him in plain sight. If you're having trouble locating him, here are the steps to finding your perfect man:

1. Know Yourself

Finding your perfect man requires knowing what you want. Before you can marry your soulmate, you have to be able to recognize him. Write down the qualities that you need in a man, that you would like him to have, and that would be definite deal breakers. Just don't treat the list as law. A guy doesn't have to cross off every single item on your checklist. It's just a way to narrow down your options.

Look around


Maquittia Tolliver
No luck here lol
@Cynthia HA! I respect that joke.👍
Ingrid H
I guess I found him. The passion and love is all around when I'm near him. We've been together and we've been true breakups. But the feelings still remain the same. Anyways, he have another girl now. ...
I think I might of met him... But our future doesn't seem to come together... We have different goals in life.... Hopefully we will end up together....
sometimes you think they're the one and they just dissapoint you
Edith Irene McClennon
I thought I found him, but after six incredible months(to me, anyway), we broke up. I really wish I could have him back. 😞
This is as clear as Apple maps. Good luck.
Pretty good list. I'm sure this'll help someone.
Lol you guys are funny! I do agree, you do have to exhibit yourself. Their is no Perfect man out there & vise versa! Were is a great place to meet interesting people ? Steak House, Gym, Yoga, etc...
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