Stop Crying! 7 Things That Won't Help You Get over Him ...

Whether you're going through a breakup or are dealing with your crush getting a girlfriend, it's tough to find a healthy outlet for your emotions. It's all too easy for your bad habits to get the best of you when you're down in the dumps. However, things like these just won't help you get over him:

1. Binge Eating

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Despite what you've seen on sitcoms, it won't help to dig through a full tub of Ben & Jerry's. Your stomach and your heart aren't actually connected, so filling up your tummy won't heal the pain you feel in your heart. If anything, it'll actually make you feel worse for ruining your diet. Instead of overeating, try to exercise to get your mind off of him. It's healthier.

2. Excessive Crying

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It’s okay to cry for a few days or even weeks, but don’t let your sadness become a permanent part of your personality. There's no sense in ruining your mascara over a boy who couldn't care less about you. Stop thinking about how upset you are that he got away and start thinking about how lucky you are to be single when there are so many hotties out there waiting for you.

3. Closing Yourself off

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After you get your heart broken, it's easy to close yourself off to everyone in your life. You can't get hurt again if you don't let anyone in again, right? Well, you can't think like that. The only way you'll truly get over him is if you allow yourself to keep living your life without him. Don't punish your friends, family, and other potential love interests for something that your ex did wrong.

4. Sappy Movies and Music

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Turn off The Notebook and avoid Drake songs. You don't need to torture yourself by listening to stories about happy couples or stories about failed relationships. Avoid thinking about love altogether. While you're hurting, try to think about the other beautiful things in life, like hot celebrities and puppy dogs.

5. Checking His FB Status

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Don't check his Facebook and Twitter, hoping that he'll make a vague status about how much he misses you. If he really missed you, he'd contact you and get you back in his life. Looking through his statuses and pictures will only remind you of what you're missing. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from his social media pages. Block them if you have to.

6. Getting Revenge

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Egging his car and starting rumors about him won't give you the satisfaction you think it will. Sure, it'll be fun for a minute, but then you'll go right back to being miserable. Don't stoop to his level. Don't try to get revenge, because you won't like that version of yourself.

7. Hurting Yourself

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Don't you dare hurt yourself physically or emotionally. There's no need for razors or for self-criticism. You're an amazing person, whether or not he thinks so. Your self worth isn't determined by a man. Stop focusing on finding love and focus on yourself.

You can't take any shortcuts in order to get over him. When you care about someone, it takes a lot of time to adjust to life without them. Of course, it'll happen eventually, so don't stress out too much about it. What usually helps you get over someone?

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