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Running from trouble doesn’t solve the problem. It will run after you. It might not catch you every time but it works hard to try. Dealing with trouble means facing it down and finding a resolution or at least a solution that means it becomes an issue you can live with – one that doesn’t derail you. This is particularly important when it comes to your relationships.

1. Too Many People Run as Soon as Things Get Difficult

Too Many People Run as Soon as Things Get Difficult

Don’t be one of them. There are times when he is going to be unreasonable, and there are times when you may cause the problem without realizing it. Maybe talking it out is not something you can both do right away. Sometimes you both need a little time away from each other before you can talk. Nevertheless, do not get into the habit of running just because it is getting difficult. Be an adult about it and work through your issues.

It is Only Supposed to Be Good 30% of the Time


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