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7 Hottest Pillow Talks for Women Who Want to Know Their Men ...

By Alicia

Pillow talk is something that’s very intimate and can only be shared by lovers. It can make your romantic bond even closer that it already was. But have you ever wondered what you should talk about during that special time? These are some subjects that make great pillow talk.

1 Your Love Story

There’s no better subject than the subject of you two! Pillow talk is a good time to talk about how you met, your first feelings toward one another, your first impressions of the other and what you were each thinking during that time. Memory lane is always fun to visit. You may find that talking about your love story makes you feel more romantic toward one another. That can only lead to more pillow talk!

2 Dreams You Have for Your Life

Everyone has dreams for their life. They could be really simplistic or complex 10-year plans. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the dreams you have for your life. Sharing your dreams with one another is like giving the one you love the most a secret look into your heart. And who better to encourage you to keep reaching for your dreams than your partner?

3 Causes You’re Passionate about

Is there a cause close to your heart? Maybe you can’t stand the thought of animals being mistreated or you’re passionate about helping sick children. Those are things that are very precious to you. They’re good things to share during times of pillow talk. Letting your partner know the things that mean the most to you will make them love you even more.

4 Your Bucket List

Do you have a mental list of things you want to do in your lifetime? If so, you’ve got a bucket list. This makes a good topic of conversation for pillow talk. You can share about yourself and find out new information about your partner. Who knows? There may be things on your bucket lists that are identical.

5 Fun Things You’d like to Share

It’s fun to talk about things you’d like to do together during times of pillow talk. You can make plans and think of activities for future dates. It’s a good time to find out what interests you have in common. Even if you’ve been together for years, you can always learn something new about each other. We’re always changing as individuals so it makes sense that we should always be open about talking about our interests to our partner.

6 Your Feelings for One Another

Is there a sweeter topic for pillow talk? I don’t know of one! It’s the perfect time to talk about your feelings for one another. You’re locked away from the world and in your own special little bubble. It’s the ideal time to share how much he makes your heart melt!

7 Your Future Together

Are you curious what your partner thinks about when he thinks of your future? Ask him and find out! This is a really good time for questions like that. You’re both feeling more open and loving. You can share what sort of future you’d love to have with him, too.

These are 7 subjects that are great choices for times of pillow talk. What do you and your sweetie usually talk about during these times? Your comments are always welcome!

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