7 Substantial Talks You Should Have before Moving in Together ...


7 Substantial Talks You Should Have before Moving in Together ...
7 Substantial Talks You Should Have before Moving in Together ...

Moving in together is a huge, huge step and taking all of the moving in together tips and tricks that you can is smart! I know that when I moved in with the Better Half, we had a lot of adjusting to do. That's how I know that there is tons of moving in together tips that are out there, but they don't really describe the talks that you should have. So ladies, with that in mind, we're going to talk about some moving in together tips that really work and involve all of the talks you should have before you take the dive and move in!

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The Baby Talk

One of the moving in together tips that you should talk about before you take that step is babies. Do you want them? Does your spouse want them? Do you want them in the future? Trust me on this ladies, this talk is one of the most important that you’ll ever have and could determine your future!


The Future Talk

This is another talk that a lot of women forget to have whenever they move in with their boyfriends. If you are moving in with your boy, you want to make sure that you know where you are headed in your future. Are you getting married? Is this leading to just living together forever? Where is this going? Trust me, it’s a talk you want to have!


The Chores Talk

Just because you are living with your boyfriend does not mean that he doesn’t have to clean up around your place! Dividing up the chores can be really awkward when you actually start living together, so why don’t you have this talk beforehand? This was definitely one of the best moving in together tips that I took seriously when the Better Half and I moved in together!


Personal Space Talk

Do you remember that Sex and the City episode when Carrie flipped out on Aiden because he was constantly around after they moved in? If you need some personal space and some time to unwind when you get home, you’ve got to let your partner know that! This moving in together tip is a must for all girls who like their personal space!


The Cooking Talk

Who cooks? Who is better at cooking? Even if you both are really good at cooking, who has more time to do it? These are questions that you should ask and maybe, you split the responsibility of cooking right down the middle.


The Animals Talk

When you are living together, you’re going to have to see if the other person would like to get a dog, would they consider a cat or even if they like fish! Trust me, I have 5 animals total and if the Better Half didn’t love animals as much as I do, we wouldn’t be together! It might seem trivial in the beginning, but it’s absolutely a necessity to find out!


The Values/Beliefs Talk

Finally, the religious talk is going to be the last moving in together tip that I’m going to talk about. Are you religious? Is he? If so, how religious? Being on the same page or at least in the same century as far as your views go.

As you can see, there are tons of different moving in together tips and talks that you should be having. Moving in together is a great step, but also taking to heart some of these moving in together tips can hopefully save you a lot of headache! So ladies, anyone have a moving in together story that they want to share?

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That is a really good one! I hate that I missed it. Definitely had that talk with the Better Half when we moved in together!

sorry but I think you should already know someones beliefs months before moving in with them! This means if you do not know their beliefs you do not know them well enough to even have the moving in talk. Otherwise I think this is all dead on. helps a ton!

Another important topic - finances or who's paying for what.

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