3. Offer a Compliment

Everyone appreciates receiving a compliment, but it gets a little weird if someone showers you with adoration. Just like too many touches aren’t effective, the same goes for compliments. You can always tell when someone is giving you a fake compliment and they might mean well, but it can come off as insincere. If you really like something he’s wearing or you admire something about him, definitely let him know; just be honest.



River Delta
I'm a bit confused on #2. Somehow I feel like I would just come across as a creep (socially awkward AF, slowly figuring out how to make it humourous), even though I thrive on physical contact.Β I don'...
So every time I talk to the guy I like, we spend a good 20-30 minutes casually with teasing etc, but then he almost always cups my face, says something weird, then walks off.. I can't really tell what this means at all.. Halpp?
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@Hannah N- Nah, I feel the same way. With guys ur closer w/ it works b/c u probably already touch him sometimes. W/ guys ur not so close w/ depend more on words ad smiling.
Marcela Paula Astilla Regidor
Needs courage πŸ˜€
Hannah N
This might just be me, but whenever I try to touch a guy and be flirty, be it on his arm, his hand, what have you, I feel really weird and he always seems to notice and act a little weird as well. Maybe I'm just a bad flirt
Yama Faye
How about if you don't have the access for light touches?
You're beautiful
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