17 Subtle ✌🏼 Ways to Look Sexy 😘 without 🚫 Looking like You Tried Too Hard πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ ...


We all want to look amazing. Of course, we don't want to look like we spent hours preparing to leave the house. We want to make it seem like our beauty comes naturally. In order to do that, here are a few subtle ways to look sexy without trying too hard:

1. Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact

Sometimes the simplest pieces of advice are the best pieces of advice. If you want a man to consider you sexy, then you need to make eye contact with him.

Wear Dark Lipstick


Angela Grubbs
Great article! Liked the post :)
Women showing off their bodies like its the true way to be sexy is screwed up. Sexy is in the soul. Be kind, confident, maybe even mysterious, good humor. Thats true sexy.
Huh show my shoulders
The Hifza
Ans sex is war out of question. Cuzz they think u r using them. A specially Asian Pakistani men!
The Hifza
No nothing works for men. As soon as u got pregnant they just see u as a ugly fat ball. And all the love disrepair!!
Oh my god no! Confidence is the sexiest quality an woman can have,just be yourself
Sounding too desperate !!! Ladies love yourself..
I saw miranda kerr and i was like "SEHUN!!!"
Totally agree with Paige and Monica. Showing cleavage? Really?
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