17 Subtle Ways to Look Sexy without Looking like You Tried Too Hard ...


17 Subtle Ways to Look Sexy without Looking like You Tried Too Hard ...
17 Subtle Ways to Look Sexy without Looking like You Tried Too Hard ...

We all want to look amazing. Of course, we don't want to look like we spent hours preparing to leave the house. We want to make it seem like our beauty comes naturally. In order to do that, here are a few subtle ways to look sexy without trying too hard:

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Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact Sometimes the simplest pieces of advice are the best pieces of advice. If you want a man to consider you sexy, then you need to make eye contact with him.


Eye contact is a powerful, non-verbal communication tool that can convey confidence and interest, making you appear more alluring without being too overt. When you lock gazes, hold it for just a moment longer than usual to create a hint of intimacy. But, remember to keep it natural and avoid staring, which can come off as intimidating. The key is to strike a balance that says, I see you, and I'm interested without saying a word.


Wear Dark Lipstick

Wear Dark Lipstick When women try to look sexy, they usually pay too much attention to their wardrobe and not enough attention to their makeup. Of course, your lipstick and eye shadow can make you look completely different! So try wearing a dark lip with a smokey eye.


Lean Forward to Show off Your Cleavage

Lean Forward to Show off Your Cleavage If you want a man to look at your body, you should put it in the right positions. Lean forward so he can see your cleavage, or pick something up in front of him so he can see your booty.



Leaning forward to show off your cleavage can be a subtle yet effective way to exude sexiness without looking like you tried too hard. This body language technique draws attention to your bust and can be a great way to subtly flirt with a man. It also shows confidence and can make you appear more alluring. However, it's important to be mindful of the situation and make sure you feel comfortable and in control of the situation. Remember, confidence is key when it comes to showing off your body in a subtle and sexy way.


Swing Your Hips when You Walk

Swing Your Hips when You Walk Men love feminine walks. What do "feminine walks" consist of? Swinging your hips! If you put heels on, you'll start walking that way without even thinking about it.


Adding a little sway to your hips emphasizes your natural curves, creating a tantalizing image that's hard to ignore. But it's not just about the physical motion—it's about oozing confidence as you glide across the room. Remember, the key is subtlety; you want to look effortless, not like you're over-exaggerating your movements. Let your hips move in sync with your steps, as if you're walking to the gentle rhythm of your favorite sultry tune. It's the perfect pinch of allure mixed with poise.


Cross and Uncross Your Legs

Cross and Uncross Your Legs If you want him to pay attention to your gorgeous legs, you should move them around. If you're sitting down, try crossing them and uncrossing them.


This simple motion can catch his eye and draw it to your legs. The act itself sends a signal of ease and comfort, while also potentially giving a fleeting glimpse of skin. Remember not to overdo it; subtlety is key. It's not just about showing off your legs but about creating an air of poise and femininity that naturally enhances your allure. This movement combined with the right posture can exude elegance and confidence—a powerful mix that's bound to make heads turn.


Play with Your Hair

Play with Your Hair You shouldn't twirl it around like women do in movies. Be subtle by brushing pieces out of your face or pulling it all into a ponytail in front of him.


When your hair graces your skin, it's like a whisper of allure capturing attention. Think of effortless touches—a quick tuck behind your ear or a gentle sweep that sends a hint of your perfume his way. It's about those seemingly thoughtless movements which, in reality, are like strokes of a shared, unspoken language. The key is in the easy flow of your movements; they convey a sense of grace and ease that can be wonderfully captivating, weaving an air of mystery and chic charm without crossing the line into the overtly deliberate.


Practice Good Posture

Practice Good Posture Good posture is sexy. Make sure you keep your back straight and your head up if you want to look your best.


Good posture is not only good for your health, but it can also make you look more attractive. When you stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high, you exude confidence and grace. This can make you appear more alluring and approachable to others. Additionally, good posture can help you look taller and slimmer, giving off a more attractive physical appearance. It also helps to prevent back pain and muscle strain, which can affect your overall well-being. So, make sure to practice good posture in your daily life and watch as it enhances your overall sexiness.


Touch Your Lips

Touch Your Lips If you apply lipstick in front of him, or simply touch your lips with your fingertips, it'll make him think about kissing you. It's an easy trick!


Touching your lips is an easy and subtle way to look sexy without trying too hard. When you apply lipstick in front of your partner, or simply touch your lips with your fingertips, it sends a subtle message that you are thinking of being kissed. This can be a powerful way to show your partner that you are interested in them without having to say anything.

The lips are an incredibly sensitive area and can be incredibly arousing when touched. Studies have shown that men are more likely to be attracted to a woman when they are shown to be interested in them. Touching your lips is a subtle way to show your interest without having to say anything.

Additionally, touching your lips can be incredibly seductive. When you touch your lips with your fingertip, it can be a sign of desire and can make your partner feel wanted. Touching your lips can also make your partner feel more connected to you and can create a sense of intimacy between the two of you.



Stretch Stretch out your arms and back, so that he can get a good look at your figure. Don't forget to let out a cute little moan.


As you stretch, arch your back ever so slightly and run your fingers through your hair, adding a touch of elegance to the movement. It's all about being effortlessly captivating. The gentle art of stretching can highlight your curves and emphasize your femininity without being overt. Your subtle moan should seem natural, as though you're enjoying the comfort of your body's extension. This simple act can speak volumes to the imagination without seeming like a conscious attempt to attract attention. Keep it graceful and unstudied for that touch of understated allure.


Say His Name

Say His Name Everyone loves to hear their name. So if you want to make a man think you're sexy, slip his name into the conversation as often as you can.


It's no secret that men love to hear their name. It's a simple way to show that you're interested in them and that you've been paying attention to the conversations you've had. Saying a man's name often can be a subtle way to look sexy without looking like you're trying too hard.

It may seem like a small thing, but it's actually a powerful tool for making a man feel special. When you use someone's name in a conversation, it shows that you remember them and that you're paying attention to them. It also shows that you care enough to take the time to learn their name and use it in conversation.

In addition to using a man's name in conversation, you can also use it to flirt. For example, if you're talking to a man you find attractive, you can use his name when you compliment him. This will make him feel special and appreciated.

Using a man's name is also a great way to show that you're interested in him. When you use a man's name, it shows that you're paying attention to the conversation and that you're interested in getting to know him better.


Wear Lace Clothing

Wear Lace Clothing Lace is subtly sexy. That's why you should look for outfits with lace sleeves and low lace necklines. That way, everyone will get a glimpse of your body without it being completely exposed.


Lace also creates a balance between sophistication and allure, perfect for those who value elegance with a hint of mystery. Opt for delicate lace trims on skirts or a sheer lace overlay on dresses for a dignified yet tempting look. Remember, the key is in the details—a little lace can go a long way in elevating your style quotient while keeping it effortlessly sensual.


Wear Yoga Pants

human action, sports, physical fitness, arm, muscle, Men love to look at your booty. That's why you can try wearing yoga pants instead of a short skirt. Everyone wears them nowadays, so no one will think you're doing it for the attention.


Yoga pants are not only comfortable but also subtly accentuate your natural curves, giving you a casual yet attractive appeal. The form-fitting nature of the fabric hugs your figure in all the right places, making it effortlessly enticing. Plus, they're versatile for coffee runs or gym sessions. So, slip into your favorite pair and feel confident. With the wide range of styles and colors available, you can easily match them with a cute top and sneakers for that perfect chic, sporty vibe. Just remember, confidence is key—wear them with pride, and your self-assurance will be the sexiest thing about you.


Wear a Backless Outfit

Wear a Backless Outfit Your back is a body part men don't see all that often. That's why they love the rare occasions when you show it off. Try buying a fancy dress with the back cut out, or with a back made of lace, and see the positive reaction you receive.


Wear Sparkly Jewelry

Wear Sparkly Jewelry Men are drawn to things that sparkle and shine. So if you want him to look at your body, wear a dangling necklace that'll emphasize your cleavage.


Show off Your Shoulders

Show off Your Shoulders Men love rounded things, like your booty and breasts. However, that means that they also love the looks of your shoulders. So if you want to look sexy, try wearing a sleeveless dress or a shirt with the shoulders cut out.


Showing off your shoulders doesn't just add a touch of elegance, it also subtly accentuates your femininity. Opt for styles like off-the-shoulder tops, halter necks, or bardot dresses to gracefully highlight this area. The exposed shoulders can create a beautiful line that draws attention upwards, emphasizing your neck and collarbone too. It's a discreet yet irresistible charm that doesn't scream for attention but gently whispers allure. Remember, a little exposure can be more enticing than baring it all; it's all about leaving something to the imagination.


Have Open Body Language

Have Open Body Language You don't want to look unapproachable. That's why you should avoid crossing your arms and staring at your phone. Instead, you should smile at everyone you see and keep your head up.


Wear Red

color, red, dress, fashion, flooring, For some reason, men respond well to the color red. So if you want to look sexier, the easiest thing to do is slip into your favorite red dress.

Follow these tips to look and feel your best! What do you usually do when you want to look sexy?

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Ans sex is war out of question. Cuzz they think u r using them. A specially Asian Pakistani men!

Wow, show your tits? No.

This is all garbage. I don't need to get a mans attention by bending over and showing any part of my body.

@Moriano hi hi

Huh show my shoulders

This makes me laugh!

It's not about being sexy for some stranger, it's about being sexy for the partner you've got. I've been married 20 years, and I'll still "accidentally" brush my boobs or my ass against him when I'm passing him in the bathroom or kitchen. Also the stretch with a little cleavage works wonders for a nice foot rub!

This is just insulting

@Kassy good for you! It's easy to let passion and attraction die when you've been with someone for a while. But I agree with most of the comments, if you're doing this to get the attention of a new man with whom you want a relationship, it might be the wrong type off attention.

Being just your good old self is enough

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