20 Subtle πŸ™Š Ways to Tell πŸ’¬ a Guy πŸ§” You like Him πŸ’– ...


In the world of romance and dating, people are always looking for different and interesting ways to say the most simple things. If you meet someone who you get on with and are attracted to, it would probably make sense to just come out with it and tell him that you like him, right? No! That’s no fun! It’s all about playing the game and getting to that moment in a roundabout kind of way! Here are **20 ways to tell a guy you like him. **

1. Show a Newfound Interest in All of the Activities and Hobbies That He Likes the Most. He Will Definitely Start to Notice You More

Compliment Him Every Chance You Get. Guys Aren’t Usually Accustomed to Getting That Sort of Attention, Especially from Their Male Friends


Amir Shams
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