10 Summer Fling Rules to Keep in Mind ...


10 Summer Fling Rules to Keep in Mind ...
10 Summer Fling Rules to Keep in Mind ...

Summer has officially started and I thought you ladies might be interested in some summer fling rules in case you decide to start an unofficial summer romance while you’re on your summer break or on vacation! Summer flings can be fun and exciting, just make sure you follow these few simple rules to enjoy the best summer fling ever!

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Honesty is the Best Policy

The number one summer fling rule to remember is to be upfront and honest about your intentions. You don’t want to mislead the other person just like you wouldn’t want them to bamboozle you. You don’t have to go into too much detail but just let them know you’re only looking for something casual and nothing too serious so you’re both on the same page.


Don’t Lower Standards

Another important summer fling rule to remember is to not lower your standards! Just because it’s going to be a quickie liaison doesn’t mean you should settle for whoever is nearby or convenient. If you couldn’t see yourself spending time with this person in your normal life, move on to the next. There are too many decent guys available that it would be foolish to settle.


Keep Friends in the Friendzone

A good rule for summer flings is to avoid getting involved with friends or co-workers. No matter how hot they magically appear in the sunset, don’t go there because it’ll likely get pretty awkward after the fling is over and you have to see each other all the time. There’s nothing wrong with getting your flirt on, just don’t take it any further than that with colleagues.


Expect Nothing

Another essential summer fling rule to remember is not to expect much out of the fling. Neither of you have any obligations towards the other so don’t expect to be given girlfriend status and treatment. Don’t go into the fling hoping that it’ll eventually turn into relationship because you might be disappointed and end up hurt.


Protect Yourself

This rule for summer flings goes for your heart and body. Don’t let your heart get too involved in a fling unless you know both of you want a relationship and if you decide to get intimate with this person, be careful and protect yourself. I know you’re trying to have fun but don’t let your guard down too much, better safe than sorry!


Be Spontaneous

I know the previous summer fling rule says to be cautious, but what I mean by being spontaneous is to get out there and try new thing and meet new people-both male and female! Try out a new sport you’ve always wanted to try or hang out at a new beach this summer and live it up with new friends and experiences!


Have an End Date

I can’t stress the important of this rule for summer flings enough-make sure the both of you have a time set for when the fling will end, especially if both of you live in the same city and you’re both staying put. Having a fling expiration date will also prevent any awkward conversations and allow you to move on quickly and painlessly!


Don’t Kiss & Tell

This is one of the summer fling rules that often get broken because we can get so caught up in the moment but be sure you don’t broadcast your summer fling all over Facebook and Twitter. Keep things casual and quiet. Announcing your summer fling could come off as being possessive or jealous to the fling so keep the details under wraps.


Don’t Be Jealous

This rule for summer flings goes with the don’t kiss & tell rule to make sure you keep your emotions in check and avoid getting too attached to the person. If you see your fling talking to other people, remember that you’re free to do the same and there is no commitment between the two of you so it’s fair game!


Say Goodbye

Once the summer is over, follow the quintessential summer fling rule of going your separate ways and end communication. After all, it’s supposed to be a short-term thing, not a lifelong friendship. Always keep things casual and friendly and when the time comes, tell them you had fun and move on.

Keep these summer fling rules fresh in your mind this summer when you’re on the prowl! Following these rules should keep things simple and fun and the both of you can enjoy a little summer romance without all the drama and heartache! Do you have any summer fling rules you abide by?

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I like thiz article!!!!

I'd add one of the most important tip/rule: smile! I've been in vacations for two weeks and I'm not the kind of flirty girls, but trust me that smiling is the key for everything. It makes you more approachable and makes the guys feel comfortable around you. I used to smile all the time and it was the key ;) so don't be shy and she it

About 3 that just it i don't wanna be in the friendzone I wanna be out of that And 8 my secrete bf want to 8 we are going to kiss so Wat do I do he want to be secret every day we are going to do a lot of stuff that I am not ready for the kiss yea but not any other stuff

My bf want to me to go and spend the night at his Wat should I do ??

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