7 Super Fun and Frugal Date Ideas ...

If you're like me and love to go on dates with your significant other and are always trying to come up with some fun and frugal date ideas, then keep reading! For some reason, a lot of couples have it in their minds that going on a date means spending a lot of money in order to have fun - not true! Especially if you're on a budget but would still like to have a romantic and memorable time, there are plenty of frugal date ideas that might surprise you. Remember, it's about the time you spend together, not the money!

1. Grab Coffee and Stay a While

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One of my favorite frugal date ideas is to visit a local Portland coffee shop, preferably one my husband and I haven't tried, and just sit, chat and people watch. It's a date under $10 that involves great conversation and a warm and inviting atmosphere! Don't you you just love the coziness of a quaint coffee shop during the holiday season?

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