7 Sure Hints Your Ex Wants You Back ...


7 Sure Hints Your Ex Wants You Back ...
7 Sure Hints Your Ex Wants You Back ...

When you're dealing with an ex, what hints your ex wants you back you should be looking for? Do you know what helpful hints he or she could be leaving for you to pick up on? Below, I've come up with 7 sure hints your ex wants you back that you should straighten up and pay attention to!

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Constant Communication

While you might be trying to get over your ex, one of the hints your ex wants you back is that he or she is always calling you – and I mean always! It is almost as if you two are still in a relationship because they constantly keep in contact with you. While you don't always have to answer the phone, do you find yourself doing it more often than not? Maybe you want to get back together too.


Promises of Change

Ah, those wonderful promises that your ex gives you all of the time - are you seeing a change? Are they actually calling when they say they are going to? Are they changing so quickly … but it seems to be sticking? That could be one of the signs that they really, really do want you back and are willing to change themselves to get you back.


Hang out?

Oh girlies, if your ex is constantly asking you to hang out, constantly asking you to be around them, it's a sign that they do want to be around you in person. Do you feel happier when you are around them? Do you want to hang out with your ex more than jumping back into the dating pool? That's telling.


Always Single, Always Talking

Even if it's been months since the two of you have seen each other, do you find that your ex is still single and still constantly talking about how it was when you two were together? That's a great way to tell that they do want you back and that maybe, they want to relive some of those memories that they keep describing.



When you two are talking, whether it be via phone, text or even in person, is your ex constantly flirting with you? Are they lighting brushing your shoulder, fixing your hair or even just being ultra flirtatious with their speech? Why flirt unless they want to be with you?


Keeping Promises

While the promises of change can be one thing, actually keeping the promises that your ex gives you is another thing. The promise could be something as simple as being more romantic if you two did get back together or showing up when they said they are going to. If they are willing to keep up on the promises that they give you, it could be a sign that they do want to be with you.


Asks You Outright

Finally, does your ex ever ask you to be with them? Have they ever asked you outright to just come back and slip back into a relationship that is fresh and new with them? That is one surefire way to tell that your ex wants you back.

Dealing with your ex is hard. Rekindling a relationship is something that can be tricky to read and you'll really have to think about whether or not it is going to work for you. Have you ever gotten back together with an ex?

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My ex calls me sometimes twice a day and I said we should stop talking because it was really confusing. Well that lasted 3 days his dad had a heart attack and he called so i feel as tho I have to be there for him. But it's hard I feel like I can't move on and he can since he dumped me. We were together for 4 years than he cheated on me I think he should respect me by not calling me but now I feel as tho I have to be there for him sucks.

There's different ways of keeping promises without being clear. My ex n I have been broken up 10 months. Everyone even I seriously thought no I'm crazy.. He did all of these. But would also add we were not getting back together, didn't wanna lead me on. But texted me my horoscope one day(8months after) and last night he caved but he is so scared of how I feel and hurting me. He also hasn't dated anyone else:S

As of now my ex does everything except 7. I think it's important to create a strong foundation and make sure things will be different because people do break up for a reason

I have been talking with my first ex for a while. We dated back in high school, things were great and we treated each other with respect, but the timing wasn't right. We've been on great terms ever since, and now 4 years later I'm getting a feeling that the timing might be better. He's initiated video chats (we aren't at the same university) and the conversation is just as comfortable and enjoyable as it was back then. I think we both want the other back and want to give our relationship another chance, we're just too afraid to say so

yea, I've ended up in a bit of a unique situation, I'm not over my ex (first ever ex, cause he's the only guy I've ever dated) and he's not over me (I know because he straight up told me, he still loves me very much). Now you would think, "why don't you and him just date?" the trouble is, He's had longer term relationships and I haven't so he's terrified of hurting my feelings in the future, because he loves me so much. According to him, he's not sure hes really ready for a longer term relationship at all right now, and when he met me, he didn't think he would end up meeting someone so worthy of a longer term relationship. He basically thinks he's not worthy of me, and that makes me sad because according to him, he thinks I'm too good for him (whatever that's supposed to mean). I just want to date him, but he's not really ready for that, so friends it is. :(

8. He dates your doppledanger (looking at you Ray J lol)

PS. I, Samira, knows for a fact tnat the guy hasn't any new girl in his life. TS my friend is the only girl who has ever given him opponent and not doing anything to humiliate herself by fx begging and pleading him to come back to her...

Once an ex , always an ex.

Yeah, I got back with an ex before and it was unwise. Nothing changed. There is a wise saying: an ex is an ex for a reason.

Thank you Runa :) she and I aren\'t talking anymore because she just disappeared.

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