2. He Leaves You Random Notes

Notes are super romantic and sweet! It's a sign that your guy spends his free time thinking about you. It's such a cute gesture when he leaves a note that you can wake up to! Even if it's a simple sentence, it's an intimate touch!

You Have the Same Sense of Humor


To: keena.. For people who are addicted to sex or even porn then yes..
Well the shopping part is sometimes different.. The one stays longer the other don't it switches sometimes.. The note one time he did that that was in the time when he didn't had work and I had work.....
This article is stupid, you only need ONE sign to know he is a keeper,... Thats if he eats your pussy! If he is willing to do that, then keep him!!
Amina Abdul
When my husband threatened to end our marriage i was so confused, restless and heartbroken. i did not know what to do. So i read an article about Love spells testimony of Mrs. Angela William of how sh...
@Annie hey. :) if he is acting like this, don't even waste your time on him gurl. he isn't worth it.
@Franki Minaj
Hey☺️ I'm 15 and I well like a guy ( go figure ) but He flirts with every girl but me? Whenever he talks to me, he barely looks at me? and he is quiet around me? And he barely ever talks to me act...
Franki Minaj
Stephanie Eklund
He's a keeper because he waits for you to shop !? Please tell me that you don't honestly think that's important.
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