4. He Doesn't Hold You Back

Unfortunately, there are guys who feel intimidated by powerful women. Because of this, they try to hold you back from being the best you that you can be. Your man shouldn't be like this! He should be encouraging and supportive of all your endeavors. When you find someone who is genuinely happy for your success, you've found the one.

Your Families Get along


for Keena: yours is an example of a comment best kept to yourself. you come off as void of any class whatsoever and the kind of gal men only want for a one night stand.
I think sharing a sense of humour is really great! And definitely families have a huge impact! I mean they're kind of a package deal, so if you don't like them, you'll still have to see them for major holidays, etc!🌸
To: keena.. For people who are addicted to sex or even porn then yes..
Well the shopping part is sometimes different.. The one stays longer the other don't it switches sometimes.. The note one time he did that that was in the time when he didn't had work and I had work.....
This article is stupid, you only need ONE sign to know he is a keeper,... Thats if he eats your pussy! If he is willing to do that, then keep him!!
Amina Abdul
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@Annie hey. :) if he is acting like this, don't even waste your time on him gurl. he isn't worth it.
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