8 Sure Signs Its Time to Move on ...

By Heather

Figuring out the signs it's time to move on isn't easy. Being in a relationship and then breaking up is hard, but the signs it's time to move on are different for everyone. So ladies, I've got some surefire signs it's time to move on and stop dwelling on the past. I knew these signs will help you figure out if you are dwelling too long and it's time to move on.

Table of contents:

  1. he has moved on
  2. it's been months
  3. you are feeling better
  4. you don't feel the same
  5. it hurts
  6. you're living in the past
  7. he expects you to change
  8. no effort

1 He Has Moved on

So you've been broken up for a few weeks now and he's already moved on. I think right there is one of the signs it's time to move on too. It's obvious that he's getting on with his life and it's time for you to get on with your life too. No sense dwelling on the past right?

2 It's Been Months

Now, there isn't a time limit on how long you can grieve a relationship, but if it's been months and months and you are still in horrible shape, it might be a sign it's time to move on with your life. Just because you aren't with that person anymore doesn't mean that your life ends, but it will hurt for a while, just remember that life does go on.

3 You Are Feeling Better

It doesn't matter how much time has passed, if you are feeling better and are feeling like it's time to move on, it could actually be one of the signs it's time to move on! Just because it's been a few days or a few weeks doesn't mean anything. Just remember, the first guy that you start dating might be a rebound guy – but he also could become the love of your life!

4 You Don't Feel the Same

Let's say you are in a relationship and your feelings have changed. This could happen anytime at all and it doesn't make you a horrible person. If you are dating someone that you don't have the same feelings for anymore, it could be time to move on from that person and end it.

5 It Hurts

Like the 'you don't feel the same' reason, if being with the person that you are with hurts you more than you are happy, it might be time for you to move on. I know that it's hard, but it is definitely a sign it's time to move on.

6 You're Living in the past

You and your boyfriend may have broken up a while ago, but you are still hanging out in all of the places that you hung out in before, you try to catch a glimpse of him whenever you can. You are essentially, living in the past. This is where it might be time for you to cut the ties and move on.

7 He Expects You to Change

When you're with a guy, you are constantly going to be changing yourself, just because you are with another person. However, if he expects big, core changes and he tries to control you, it might be time to move on. Nobody should ever make you make huge changes when they love you, they should love you for who you are!

8 No Effort

Finally ladies, if you are putting forth all of the effort, it's definitely time to move on. After all, it should be a team effort whenever you are in a relationship and you definitely want to make sure that the team part is there.

As you can see, there are tons of different signs it's time to move on. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it might be time for you to move on and move out. So ladies, what other signs it's time to move on do you have? Anymore to share?

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