5. You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

You Catch Him Looking at You All the Time

Every time you glance his way, he’s either grinning at you, or he looks away quickly, with a shy smile — you catch him looking at you all the time! Oh, girl, he’s got it bad. This is one sure sign he’s into you. By the way, if you’re always glancing over at him… that might mean you’re into him, too!

He Wants to Introduce You


Don't mess with him. If he truly cared about you he would show it in front of everybody. When a Guy really likes you he will talk about you to everyone and anyone who will listen. Guys and girls ar...
First of all, I don't like you calling yourself ugly. Even if he "made" you pretty. Bullshit, every girl is beautiful no matter what. But moving on to your situation, I think you should trust your ...
Alright, so here's my take. I think he asked you out on a date but was too shy to come out and say it. Guys are just as scared about rejection as girls, he probably did it in the way that he did to ...
So I’m 100% falling for this guy, he loves sports and is super social, we have a group of friends in common but we’ve NEVER actually spoken to each other except this one time I said something (lo...
by the way he is the shy type. also he isnt like the cursing perverted guys that inhabit my school. so he asked me in a shy way. i dont know if him being shy makes a difference or not. does it?
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