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Undeniable Signs You're the Couple Everyone Wants to Be ...

By Alicia

Every now and then, you see a couple that everyone wants to be. They have all the elements of a great relationship: attraction, commitment, devotion, and laughter. These couples are the ones that’ll be as deeply in love after 10 years of marriage as they are after 10 months of dating. These are 7 sure signs that you’re one of those rare couples that everyone wants to be.

1 You’re the Envy of Others

person, white, photograph, photography, painting, If you’ve ever suspected that your relationship is the envy of others then you may be the couple everyone wants to be. Others may even tell you that they’re jealous of your relationship or how deeply your guy is in love with you. Don’t feel offended if you get those comments. They’re actually compliments. They’re just noticing how fabulous your relationship is.

2 Friends Come to You for Relationship Advice

black, white, woman, man, male, We often go to someone who knows what they’re doing when we need advice. Wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, if your friends are coming to you for relationship advice, then they probably admire your relationship. They have faith that you know what makes a relationship work and what makes it special. This is another sign that you’re the couple everyone wants to be.

3 You Totally Get Each Other

person, shadow, Sometimes you just get lucky in a relationship. You get each other in a way you never dreamed was possible. You click on so many levels. In fact, you can pretty much guess how your partner’s going to feel about anything. If this describes your relationship then you may have that magical something so few have.

4 You Bring out the Best in Each Other

person, kiss, human action, woman, hairstyle, One thing I’ve always loved about my husband is his integrity. He makes me want to be a better person and I love that about him. This is an element that’s often in great relationships; you inspire each other. It’s always good to consider if your partner brings out the good or the bad in you. That can tell you a lot about the health and future of your relationship.

5 Others Want to Know the Secrets of Your Relationship

black, person, white, black and white, art, I’ll be honest. I’ve met a few couples that’ve absolutely amazed me. They’re the kind of couples that you want to sit down with and find out exactly what it is that makes their relationship tick. If you’ve been asked what the secret is behind your fabulous relationship then you can assume you’re one of those couples everyone wants to be. Share your relationship secrets to help others have a great one, too.

6 You Get Comments about Your Amazing Relationship

emotion, romance, sunlight, love, true, Something else you may notice if you’re a couple everyone wants to be is that you often get compliments about your amazing relationship. They don’t have to be over the top compliments. Even little comments in passing about how lucky you are to have each other are nice to receive. Let those comments make you smile. It’s wonderful when your love is strong enough that others clearly see it.

7 You’re a Perfect Fit for Each Other

person, black, white, black and white, photography, Once in a great while this happens in a relationship. You fit each other perfectly. There’s an amazing balance that you can’t explain to others. You know that you’re meant for each other. This is something that you feel between yourselves as a couple, but others can see it from the outside, too.

These are 7 sure signs you’re the couple everyone else wants to be. Do you have some of these in your relationship? I’d love to hear from you!

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