2. Find an Excuse to Touch Him

Any excuse at all that you can touch him is considered flirting. Whether it is picking a piece of invisible lint off of his jacket or just pulling something out of his hair – touch him! It'll definitely get him to notice you and heck, he may even try to touch you too!



Lyndsie Robinson
You should definitely show it! You don't have to be completely obvious or throw yourself at him, especially if you're nervous, but some light flirting to let him know you're interested to will likely go a long way.
Godneasha Bledsoe
i have a question. What do i do if there is a guy that i like at work that is into me but he feels like im not into him and he tries to make me jelouse by looking at other women i really like him too ...
@Megan, Hey Megan i actually wrote a 2 page letter to my crush saying i liked him
Hey darling not to worry, it sounds like he is interested in you back but sometimes it doesn't matter whether you have confidence or not or no experience you just have to find the right moment and tel...
Heather Jensen
Hi Connor! I'd definitely say that you need to up the flirting a bit! Just try to talk to him, touch him a little, be casual about it.
Ok soo there's this super cute tall blond guy i like, "hes soo perfect for me" all my friends say and he likes YOU! I'm as tall as him...but... hes a year older then me. He use to be in my class but n...
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