5. Be Witty

You are probably one of the wittiest people out of all of your friends right? When you get in front of your crush though, do you lose that wittiness? Well ladies, guys love a witty girl that can banter back and forth, so why not gain some courage and show off your wit? I promise, it'll pay off in a big way and it's definitely one of the ways to flirt!

Lean in Close


@Denise Cristobal he and I don't really talk anymore lol
Denise Cristobal
@Kimm Talk to him and get to know each other better. Maybe ask him out. You could even *gasp* tell him you like him. Just use your words. :)
My crush and I make lots of eye contact and usually we just wind up laughing at everything and staring into each other's eyes.... What should I do?
Heather Jensen
Hi Erica! To be honest, you may have to push the envelope a little bit with yourself. Start small, smile at the guy you like and just really give some body signals that you want him to approach.
Erica Benson
What if I'm too shy or nervous to barely talk? I know that sounds ridiculous but I have a very shy personality. And people say it makes me look intimidating so no one try's to "hit on me".. What should I do?
Tip #2 really works there is this I like and I was in the restraunt that he works at I went to touch his arm to say goodnight to him and I got a goodnight Kiss instead. :)
Lyndsie Robinson
You should definitely show it! You don't have to be completely obvious or throw yourself at him, especially if you're nervous, but some light flirting to let him know you're interested to will likely go a long way.
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