9 Surprising Benefits of Watching TV with Your Guy ...

Watching TV with your guy is one of the cheapest, yet best bonding experiences for a couple. I know it may seem like nothing special, but I can't tell you how many conversations various TV shows have started for me and my guy. The key to experiencing the real benefits of watching TV with your guy is to choose the right shows. Share your favorites and find something you both love and I guarantee it'll change how you view TV time for couples.

1. Share What You Love

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I don't share my guy's every interest and vice versa. When it comes to TV, we finally have a fun way to share what we love with each other. Watching TV with your guy lets you share some of those girly interests and frees him to share sports and action flicks with you. Sharing interests is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship and TV makes it much easier. I've found so many new shows through my guy that I would've never watched on my own. Plus, it's highly satisfying to share what you love with the one you love.

2. Spark Conversations

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I'm in love with DVRs if for no other reason than I can pause a show when my guy and I suddenly start talking about something that just happened. From fun, light-hearted conversations to intensely emotional discussions, TV shows tend to spark some of our best conversations. Think about it this way: if you want to talk about a touchy subject, a TV show can give you characters and examples to relate to without sounding like you're nagging or placing blame. TV isn't just for watching, it's for sparking those all important conversations. From talking about the show to something else entirely, TV will get the two of you talking.

3. Deeply Relaxing

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After a long day, I just want to snuggle up with my honey and relax. Sometimes I don't want to talk or listen to silence. TV provides us both with an outlet to relax together and lose ourselves in the characters. I can honestly feel both of us physically relaxing throughout a half hour comedy. It's fun to let the day melt away without feeling any pressure to try and make his day better or vice versa. Of course, after relaxing, you can ditch the tube and get a little more active if you want.

4. Find New Hobbies

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My guy has used TV shows to get me interested in new hobbies. While he's talked about doing certain things, I just couldn't get behind them. After watching them on TV, I was excited to try them. I've also done the same to him. Sometimes watching TV together gives you new ideas about hobbies to try and even trips to take. While it may seem pointless, TV can lead to new things to do as a couple.

5. Guaranteed Time Together

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If you both have crazy schedules or kids are involved, finding time together each day can seem impossible. I work hard to ensure I always spend at least an hour or two with my guy every day. We both look forward to watching our favorite shows together each evening. No matter what else is going on, we drop everything and spend an hour snuggled up on the couch. You'll be surprised how much it helps a relationship to have this guaranteed time each day.

6. Encourages Flirting

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I don't know what it is about watching a fun, romantic comedy, but I always get a little flirty. I can go from exhausted to teasing in just an hour by watching something fun with my guy. Flirting sometimes falls by the wayside after you've been together a while. Watching your favorite characters do it encourages you to flirt too. Trust me, your guy will love being flirted with and teased like you were two teens out on a date.

7. Bond through Laughter

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Some women have argued with me that TV makes couples quiet. I tell them it all depends on what they're watching. Frankly, we love watching a little bit of everything, but especially shows with a comedic element. We'll start laughing and that leads to joking with each other. Laughter not only relaxes both of you, but creates a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. Laughing is a great way to bring couples closer together.

8. Come Together on Issues, Sports and Entertainment

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Sports, political shows and reality TV are perfect for exciting couples. You can root for your favorite team or poke at each other if you both like different teams. With political shows, you can debate issues or talk about why you agree on different issues. With reality TV, you can cheer on your favorite contestant and rant when they get voted off. In short, it brings you together, gets you talking and keeps bringing you back for more. I don't recommend watching shows like this if either of you gets too emotionally involved to prevent serious arguments.

9. Encourages Other Activities

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Watching TV together doesn't mean you have to sit on the couch. I like exercising or playing board games watching TV. Sometimes we'll workout together while catching up on last night's shows or if it's a re-run, we'll bring out a board game and play while we watch. It's not always so much about what's on the screen as what we do while it plays. Honestly, it's always fun to see what random moment we pick up on, which of course, gets us laughing and talking.

The tube isn't something to make you lazy or drive you apart. Choose shows you can both relate to and you'll quickly see just how beneficial TV can be when you watch with your guy. I always look forward to those moments and the memorable times that result. What are your favorite reasons for turning on the TV and watching as a couple?

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