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7 Surprising Things That Really Matter to Men ...

By Alicia

The things that really matter to men never cease to amaze me. I didn’t realize how different they were from women until I really began to read about the differences in women and men. I have read a lot of helpful books on this subject. Learning these things that really matter to men will help you to have a better understanding of them.

1 Your Smile

Your smile is something that your man loves to see. Having a happy woman in his life is one of the things that really matter to men. If you are happy, they feel like they are doing their job well as a boyfriend or husband. This seems like such a little thing but my husband verifies that all the reading I have done is correct. If your guy sees you smile, it makes him feel good.

2 Respect

Respect is a big deal with guys. It matters to them in man to man relationships. It is a really big deal to them when it comes to being respected on the job. And it matters to them in relationships with women. It is something that women don’t give a whole lot of thought to, but men respond much better to you when you do give them respect.

3 Compliments on His Work

Men enjoy when people notice their work. Simply put, compliments matter to men. This is true when it comes to their job or anything that they work on. If they spend their day building a deck for their parents, they will be happy to get some compliments on their work. If they help a buddy out on a project, compliments will be welcome there, too.

4 Appreciation

Going right along with compliments, men appreciate appreciation. I read about this in a book recently. Hearing thank you can make a man feel as happy as hearing I love you makes a woman feel. It does not make sense to me but that is because I am female. If you feel as surprised as I was, see what your guy says.

5 Time to Think

Men do not think as fast as we do. They need time to process. This is true when it comes to most decisions in their life. They tend to weigh things out more in their minds than women do. Women tend to know what they think almost immediately about any given situation.

6 Hearing You Laugh

Just like men like to see you smile, they love to hear you laugh. It tells them things are good and you are happy. They feel like they are making you happy when you laugh often. And to be honest, I would much rather hear the man in my life laughing than unhappy, so I understand that. I think that is true of any relationship.

7 You Looking Your Best

Most guys won’t begrudge you a day in your PJs but they appreciate when you make an effort to look your best. This does not mean that you have to be a supermodel or that you must look like you are a Barbie doll. Most guys love a girl that looks real, such as most of us are. But they do enjoy when you try to look your best for them. They like knowing you make an effort just for them.

I hope that these 7 bits of information were helpful to you. Which do you think is most true? I would love to hear from you.

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