7 Sweet Compliments Guys Take the Wrong Way ...


It may seem strange, but there are quite a few sweet compliments guys take the wrong way. While all guys aren't offended by seemingly simply compliments, others get huffy or pout for a while. I know you don't mean anything bad by these compliments guys take the wrong way, but apparently they tend to rub the male ego the wrong. Don't get offended if your guy gets a little mad over these. Instead, just laugh it off.

1. I'm Shocked How Well You Did Something

One of the biggest compliments guys take the wrong way is when you tell him you're shocked by how well or quickly he did something. Guys like to feel as if you have confidence in their abilities. It sounds like a compliment, but he hears it as an insult. He thinks you don't appreciate what he did. Instead, tell him thank you and how much you appreciate him.

Thanks for Trying


I always say your so cute
I disagree about the your so cute. If I am telling a guy this then I like him.
I actually disagree about telling him he's romantic. I think he likes to know his girlfriend finds him or his gesture romantic. At least my guy does lol. I always think that if you have something nice...
Oooops I always say the your so cute πŸ˜‰
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