5. Dedicate a Song to Him

One of the sweetest things to do is dedicate a song. I think it's so cute when couples have a song that just reminds each other of their love for one another. It be a super love ballad like (anything) from John Legend or a silly one that reminds you of fun times together. Songs are very special and it's awesome when you can share it with someone!

Make Time for Him


I slip love notes in the lunchbox!
That's so sweet, Isabella.
Isabella Coles
I've sung little bits and pieces for my man - sometimes when he's stressed or just when I want to express affection, sometimes that's the best way to get a message across for me. I wrote a love letter...
I disagree - it is not too girly. I find it endearing and so sweet. I give my boyfriend cards and hide them in places where he will see them (eg sock drawer, etc) and he loves these surprises. It makes him feel loved.
Kathrine Hill
Way to girly
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